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Best used truck for the money and still running!!!

Richard, 01/26/2016
XLT 2dr Extended Cab LB (4.9L 6cyl naturally aspired 5M)
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Asking relatives to borrow their truck is like asking to borrow their most prized possession. I bought a used 1994 F150 as a beater and run about. Though I own three vehicles total, This is the one I drive the most. I feel safe driving in it. It's been super reliable. I purchased a camper shell and now whatever I want to throw into the truck bed is secure. The prior owner was a mechanic so everything was in working order when I bought it for the princely sum of $1,450. Bought it sometime around 2011. It's 5 years later and I've more than gotten my money's worth out of it. It could use a repainting and their were some dents but it's never failed me and starts on the first crank. Oh, did I mention how one of those mentioned relatives asked to borrow my truck? Two gas tanks on this baby. One gets low, switch to the other tank. Love, love, love my red beater Ford Truck. I really like the body shape from that era. I would buy it again in a heartbeat! Follow up 8-1-16 I still own and drive my old beater Ford. The only major expenditure since the last review has been to fix my A/C which needed a new compressor and some other parts to it. It's now my daily driver. Love, love, love my beater Ford truck!!! Follow up 2-15-17 My old beater Ford keeps on trucking! I just had her tuned up this week and she's still running silky smooth. There were a couple minor things to take care recently but it's gravy with this most excellent purchase. Her paint is beginning to show her age but I don't care. I just can't quit her. I own three vehicles and my beater Ford is my favorite to drive. Window down, arm draped over to enjoy the fresh breeze while cruising down the street or on the highway. Follow up 8-18-17 She's still running though she was down recently with an electrical short. My mechanic was able to diagnose it and my beater Ford breathes life once more. It's Summer and I love having some cold air conditioning to take the heat away as I drive down the road to and from work. My radio station locked into the country oldies and I'm always happy sitting in my Ford heading wherever I need to go. My eyes are drawn to late model Ford trucks when I'm out and about. I just love the character and lines on 90's Ford trucks! Follow Up 3-6-18 She's not the problem right now, I am. I left the headlights on her the other day and the battery has gone dead. She still runs and I'm only either a battery charge away from driving this still in great condition old beater or a new battery away. Love, love, love my Ford F-150 truck. Of the three vehicles I own currently, she's my favorite!!! Follow Up 9-7-18 Just had an e-mail asking for an update today. Not much to tell that's new. She's still on the road and my daily driver. Bad rain this week and you'd better believe I drove my old beater for greater water clearance. Starts every time. She's got that far away beauty. I don't care as long as what's under the hood keeps me on the road. I've been thinking more and more of having some high school shop kids repaint it for me and perhaps pull a couple dents while they're at it. You can keep your El Dorado, the foreign car's absurd. Me, I want to go down with my pickup Ford insured. Update: March 10, 2020 Earlier this year, someone had broken into my beater Ford F-150. They broke a driver's side window, stole my radio, stole my battery and stole the happiness I had for my truck. My mechanic fixed all but my happiness. I had my truck sitting on my office building parking lot before the break-in. After I had it fixed, my mechanic asked if he could buy the truck. I liked the idea of it being a daily driver work truck so I sold it to him. It was a great truck for me but I own a small number of other vehicles so it was time for it to go to a new home. I still love beater trucks. Maybe down the line when my adult children move out of our family home, I'll buy another beater. Ford trucks rule!!! Don't be afraid to own one.

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vanessa, 05/14/2002
XLT 2dr Extended Cab SB
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It is a white Xlt white truck 8 cylinder very reliable. not very high mileage is put on it. Although we just got it it has turned out to be very confortable and we like it very much

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it's a Ford

F-150freak, 01/18/2006
XL 2dr Extended Cab LB
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I love my F-150. I have had no issues with it, and I have put on custom wheels and it still rides like a dream. I just wish more people would fix them up, and not just use them for work horses. I treat it like my third child. It is safe and up high so I feel like I can see everything when driving. I would recommend the F-150 to everyone. Mine is a 1994 and has all the sexiness of a new one. I love Fords! P.S I am a 30 year old female, and would recommend one for all gals with spirit!

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Ford Boy Till The End

FordBoy1990, 08/22/2010
XLT 2dr Extended Cab 4WD LB
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i bought this truck from a family friend and i love it! it has a 3in lift sitting on 33 in Kumho tires. I love making heads turn when i drive by. even though I've only had it a short time, it has been very reliable and yes, FORD TOUGH! only problems I've had is the brake lines had to be replaced and it makes a squealing noise when i let off the gas to break. of anybody knows what that is please let me know! this is my second f150 but my favorite so far. love my truck!

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Best to drive ever

RBonham, 09/07/2004
XLT 2dr Extended Cab SB
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I have owned several Ford PU's over the past 30 years. This one tops them all.

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