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Used 1998 Ford Crown Victoria Sedan Consumer Reviews

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5 out of 5 stars


sally5266, 08/08/2014
1998 Ford Crown Victoria 4dr Sedan
9 of 9 people found this review helpful

I luv my CV, bought it new in 98 and have had so little trouble with it except for batteries / tires. but since 2009 the check engine keeps coming on. i have a great mechanic but i just picked car up from a week at mechanic and the check engine lite came on an hour after we left. i hardly drive the car but in the heat in TX id rather not ride the bus. Ford has GREAT! a/c!!! i wanted a car w/ that was cheap to fix if any problems and i got the most comfy driving car ever! I really wish Ford would remake the CV b/c for large ppl or just a comfy ride this is the car! :) Ive been in a few scraps so car not perf on outside but I only have 70,000 miles on the car.

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4.88 out of 5 stars

Best Car I have Ever Owned

fordltd, 08/09/2010
1998 Ford Crown Victoria 4dr Sedan
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Out of all the cars I have ever owned I would say my 98 Vicky is the best and most reliable. I now have 140,000 miles on it and she is still running strong. A few years ago I changed it from a single exhaust to duals, and I changed the shocks and springs from the standard to the severe duty police shocks and springs, so the beast handles better on the roads and around corners. Also the dual exhaust adds a few extra horses giving it more power. It's a shame that Ford is discontinuing the CV's at the end of 2011. I wish they would reconsider and keep making them.

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4.38 out of 5 stars

Its a Crown Victoria, enough said.

p71pride, 07/09/2011
1998 Ford Crown Victoria 4dr Sedan
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Mine is an ex-state police car. Served about 100k miles as a patrol car. I am the third owner and got it last fall with 172,000 on the clock. Now has 178k and she will still crank when you lay on the go pedal. Averages about 18 mpg, never left me stranded. Only had to put $170 and 10 minutes of work into it (Idle Air Control valve went, no biggie). Love the scream of the 4.6, factory dual exhaust is awesome. You will get a lot of unwanted attention in a police car though, so keep that in mind (gets old sometimes). They are the only cars that could survive 100k+ of police use then go another 100k easily with basic maintenance. Its no wonder the police have used them for over 20 years.

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4.88 out of 5 stars

1998 Crown Vic LX with 212,000 Miles

Damiano from Buffalo, 11/25/2009
1998 Ford Crown Victoria LX 4dr Sedan
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This is a very well made car. I have owned this car for 7 years. Previous owner was an older man who only put 52,000 miles on it. I put an additional 160,000 Miles on it since. I will keep it for another year, and will bring it to about 245k. It is the most reliable car I have ever owned, and along with the Lincoln Town Car and Mercury Grand Marquis is the Most Reliable North American Made Vehicle.

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4.5 out of 5 stars

P71 Police Package Vehicle

crownvicp71, 03/29/2006
1998 Ford Crown Victoria S 4dr Sedan
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I bought a 1998 Crown Victoria Police Interceptor in January 2006 and I love this car. It performs and handles very well, acceleration is very good, steering is tight and has remained so (well maintained). This vehicle also provides enough ground clearance to run over curbs and other small obstacles in a pinch. Drives well in the snow (I have Goodyear Eagle performance tires), and only needs chains for blizzard conditions going up hills (no joke). This car has the power when you need it, and it is a feature that I love. Police package lets in more noise, but it would be a great family car. We love it for trips, and it gets me everywhere. Great Canadian-American police car, and family car.

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