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Used 2019 FIAT 500e Hatchback Consumer Reviews

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4 out of 5 stars

STAY ALERT intros very quick car.

Electric Wizard, 07/12/2019
2019 FIAT 500e Battery Electric 2dr Hatchback (electric DD)
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Jiggly ride but great fun to drive. The small wheels can get lost in large potholes that a big car could ignore. It doesn't wander. It doesn't skip down the road like a pickup truck on a dirt road. Nicely damped shocks on this car. Use back seat for duffles and fluffy packages, not people. Small back area OK for 4 grocery bags or two cases of wine. Center console lacks ability to change out cup holders for a little package or purse spot, cell phone holder, etc. Charges VERY fast on a level 2 charger. Mine charges to 114 miles, not just the advertised 86 miles. Nice paint but I wish the interior was not a black cave. Would prefer much brighter interior lighting. If the wheels are turned left or right and you pull out smartly, the car will jump left or right as this is a very intense electric. Quick steering response with a short wheelbase. Stay alert! You can easily drive this car way too fast. Above 50 mph or with windows open you deplete range much more quickly. It gives plenty of warning when you get to range of 15 miles or less and will identify the nearest charging point. You can drive it right to 1 mile remaining. At zero you must charge or tow it. Might be very handy as a camper's / mobile home accessory vehicle. Not really a freeway car. You will feel safer on small roads and city streets but I am used to E-type Mercedes, not such little cars. Mine is a lease conversion so only $109 per month, all in. That is a bargain. At the $34000 list price, I'd prefer a bigger Subaru Outback. If you can remove the back seats this could be a great small delivery vehicle for lots of small, quick deliveries. Very easy entry and exit. Think Uber for pharma, small groceries, Amazon, etc. Your own cell phone is a far better navigator that the built-in one. Mine lacks Apple Play but otherwise links fine for phone audio function. Good display for tire pressures - be sure to keep them balanced and matched pressure. It keeps the garage clean and sweet-smelling too. Park two where one normal car could reside. Plug it in nightly and get used to never stopping at the petrol station. You will have the sensation that driving became free. I don't mind running errands all over our small CA town as maneuvering and parking are very easy. It lacks modern warnings for cars in your blind spot. We don't have the back-up camera and find the parking sensor sounds way too early. There is no lane-hold or auto braking. Stay alert! This is not a Tesla. Ours does have a Tesla license plate which brings smiles. The car is so cute you may give it a name. Very basic controls for windows, mirrors, wipers. This is not a luxury car. I would not buy this for a young inexperienced driver, even though it is very easy to drive. The performance will lure a new driver to do silly things. On wet streets you can slide this easily with the brakes or spin the wheels when pulling out with too much power. The small tires do not have a lot of rubber on the road. There is not much maintenance to do other than keep it clean. Troubleshooting is via the standard plug but leave this for the dealer.

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