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I scored when I found this one!

skcyclist, 06/26/2008
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This is one spectacular automobile. I found it in Irvine, CA with under 55,000 well cared for miles. It is stock and original. I paid $8500 cash and have put another $1600 in for 60,000 mile service and timing belt. Clutch is stiff compared to my Plymouth Laser RS (AWD/turbo), but easy to get used to and necessary due to awesome power. The car has original red paint in excellent condition due to being garaged all it's life. I'm 65 years old, and this is the best car I've ever owned. Next in line would be my 56 Chevy Bel Air convertible purchased in 1962 and my 1992 Plymouth Laser bought in 1999. The Laser and Stealth are related in being Mitsubishi designs.

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Red Rocket II

Red Rocket, 04/28/2008
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After owning a 91 rt/tt (see review), I decided to finally buy another one a year after selling the 91. Big mistake. The styling of the 94 was not as great as the 91 and the 6 spd was much clumsier than the long ratioe 5 spd. I bought the car in ca and drove it north to wa. The handling was unpredictable and the performance lacked feeling. Felt like a Dodge car instead of a Mitsubishi 3000gt which it was. This came out in the rain 5 days after buying it when the car spun out at 45 mph on a relatively straight freeway onramp (with proper tires). Both of us walked away with sore backs and a prayer as the car was a total loss after it hit the fence backwards. Go buy a low mile 91-93 R/T instead.

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Great Car!

wheels, 01/31/2003
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If you're looking for a fun car, this is it! Easy to drive, lots of extras, and a great deal pricewise thanks to the SUV revolution. It's reasonable to find one for under $10K...pretty good for a car that was valued at around $40K when new just nine short years ago. An all around great sports car with styling that leaves Corvettes of that age wanting. Low, wide profile with big Z-rateds round off this future classic.

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Best value on the market

Blake Hardin, 03/21/2005
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I had a lot of time to research the purchase of my first sport car. The Stealth/3000gt beats every car out there in options and value, just falling short of the new vette and cars of that class. This is unbelievable considering what you can buy the Stealth for these days. It is often thousands less than a VR4 with the same millage, even though theyare the same car! There are many ways to upgrade the car, and given the rarity ofthe Stealth many people think it is somesort of Viper. Performance will blow you away, put on an aftermarket suspension and there is no limit to the handling of this car. Upgrade the turbos, and you will be upthere with the new vette/911.

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A Rare Breed

HenryFrapp, 03/25/2003
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Very well designed, reliable and a true joy to drive. The cockpit is laid out so that it is easy to monitor the pulse of the car while yours is rapidly on the rise. This is my second Stealth, at 97k miles has, with the exception of an alternator being replaced tomorrow, had no mechanical problems. These cars are great values and a ton of fun to drive. Nothing in this price range can compare in performance. The new Nissan 350Z horsepower and performance pales in comparison. This car is a true driving pleasure and rare breed.

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