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1st time Dodge owner, never again

peteg, 10/18/2010
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I bought this truck after my Superduty was stolen. I have 31m500 miles on the truck. I have alignment problems from day one and they still remain. The dealer changed all front end parts including: steering box, tie rod, ball joints. I am on my second set of tires. The check engine light comes on often and I have replaced one turbo. I could go on and on. I can't wait until I can afford another Superduty! Seriously.

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Love my truck

Eddie F., 10/28/2009
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This is my first diesel. Before I go on, I somebody on Cummins Forum wrote all 6.7 owners should delete the DPF and the exhaust gas recirculator and love their truck 364 days a year and hate it the one day all that stuff has to go on to pass inspection. Yeah, It's been to the dealer for a check engine light twice, the turbo's been cleaned out. Here's what I learned: Do NOT use fuel additive regularly even if it is ULSD / DPF safe(maybe for very cold weather), do not make many short trips without long ones in between, take a long drive at a respectable speed (at least 50mph for 50 miles will clean out the dirty end of things), avoid stop & go traffic, and don't stomp on it all the time.

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Excellent Truck - Cummins 6.7 Rocks!

TheWeasel, 08/06/2008
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Have owned the truck for 2+ months so far and love it! Have the 6.7 L Cummins Turbo Diesel. With only 3500 miles so far I was getting 18-19 Hwy Mpg on a recent vacation trip. I expect to do much better once the engine is broken in. The exhaust brake is awesome and a big help when pulling a trailer in mountainous terrain. MegaCab provides roomy comfort for the entire family. Four Wheel drive in the sand at Cape Hatteras was no problem at all. I found that the slightly stiffer ride on the road really paid off when the wheels left the pavement. It handled the bumps off road with ease and gave excellent off road performance. btw - The stiffer ride goes away with a trailer or payload too.

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2008 Megacab 6.7L

cjh, 02/20/2008
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I recently took delivery of my truck and am very pleased with the vehicle. I have took the truck on 2 snowmobiling trips towing a 2400lb trailer.I was towing in a horrible storm and the truck drove perfectly. I replaced my 2005 Nissan Titan with this vehicle and this truck is so much superior to what I had. Towing, power, comfort, reliability. The diesel engine is even quieter than the titan gas motor. The ride is suprisingly good for a 3/4 ton,due to the long wheelbase. The transmission shifts smoothly. So far it has been reliable with no factory defects. Time will tell. Much happier with this truck and think buy American is where it's at in Truckland.

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The worst vehicle I have ever owned

Thesasks, 07/06/2010
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First this thing rides like a tank and just about knocks your fillings out over bumps (why would any manufacturer spec tire pressures of 60f/70r in a truck that is rated to tow less than their own 1/2 tons)to start this 38 trips to the shop in 23 months. 3 windshield wiper motors, 3 blower motors, replaced intermediate steering shaft twice, all the steering components once and a couple twice and the truck still drives like it's on marbles and just wants to wander around, I got used to that but try that with a 34 foot trailer out back. Cruise control works only when it wants to, replaced all the doors and motors on the heater box and then had to replace the entire heater box assembly and I won't

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