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Fuel Mileage Poor

hoss, 03/28/2008
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I use this pickup for a lot of different things. I pull four wheelers, snowmobiles, have even pulled a backhoe. Good power but don't pass a gas station.

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Best 4x4 For My Money

Dave Holmes, 07/07/2002
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I love this truck, it is the best 4x4 that I have ever driven. It has not been perfect, had to have the steering replaced, but it was done quickly and have had no other problems since. I love the drive, handling and the interior on my truck is awsome, love those leather seats!!

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The best and last pickup I will own

Lawrence, 05/07/2019
SLT 4dr Extended Cab 4WD LB
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If you are buying a pickup to run around town and look macho, then go buy a little half ton, even a Japanese wanna be. This 2000 Dodge Ram quad cab with Cummins 5.9 Turbo Diesel is for guys with real jobs to do. My truck has 180,000 miles on it and pulls livestock trailers up and down the hills, passing KW's and Peterbuilts with ease. Un hooked I get 17mpg and 13/14 pulling. I just gave her a new paint job, tires and chrome wheels as well as reupholstered the interior in leather. I expect, since I maintain the truck like it's supposed to be done, that this one will be running and looking good at the half million mile mark. Yep, this will be my last truck and it is now 19 years old and running like a fine watch. Gotta love that Cummings noise!

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My very last Dodge

Should've Dodged, 07/28/2002
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Fit and finish were very poor. I was in the repair shop 8 times in the first year. Two were for recalls, the rest for squeaky brakes or for an alignment. The alignment was set many times, but the truck still pulls to the right. I had the transmission replaced at 35000 miles because it wouldn't stay in gear. That transmission locked up and stuck in second first gear at 52000 miles. The transmission was rebuilt from scratch at a cost of $2900. I traded this vehicle one day after the transmission rebuild was complete. All told I have spent over a thousand dollars in repairs on this truck and it is STILL UNDER WARRANTY.

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Needs padding

phidaux, 10/05/2002
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I now have 51000 on the truck and it has had only a few problems. It has the cummins diesel and I pull a 11000 pound boat counting trailer from one end of KY to the other. There is plenty of power but I could use a few more when I'm pulling my boat. I think I will put a new computer chip in it. I have leather seats and the padding on the seats is not very much. This is my 4 dodge truk and the cloth seats feel much better for a long ride. The automatic transmission went out at 16000 miles and it was because dodge said in it's manual to keep it out of overdrive when pulling a load. Let it go into over drive and save your tranny.

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