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I'd by another one if Chrysler still made them!

sharong61, 03/05/2011
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2By sharong61 on 03/05/11 14:30 PM (PST) I also purchased mine new in 2005 and have 92,000 miles on it as she's still going strong! I love how she hugs the curves, for a little 4 banger, she goes! I went to Tennessee and back last summer (1100 miles totalled) on 2.5 tanks of gas (30 gal. aprox) which averages out to 32-33mpg!! My stereo is kickass! I love the seats folding down in back (almost like a hatchback)and have had to put very little maintenance on her! Did get new tires 2 years ago and replaced brakes once and of course oil changes. She starts when it's cold, the a/c works great even after almost 6 years. Some lady slid into my rear at about 30mph last year, she even picked me up off the ground as we were both going down a hill! She demolished the whole front of her 2007 Ford Fusion, my bumper had 2 very small scratches and she put a dent in my muffler! I never even had it fixed to this day and people can't tell! My only gripe at all about Neons is that they slide easy on packed snow or ice as they are lightweight. Mine will be paid off in a few months and am debating on weather to sell her too as I don't think I'll find as good a car again! Chrysler was crazy to discontinue them! They'd be selling them like hotcakes right now!

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Very Pround SXT Owner

chel89, 04/02/2012
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I got the car new as a junior in high school in 2005. There were only two SXT's left on the lot, including an orange one with a spoiler. Picked it up for around 13K (on sale) at the time and instantly fell in love. The car has been extremely reliable and I've always felt safe in it. For a "compact car" I actually think it's quiet roomy. I've managed to keep the interior/exterior pretty immaculate for its age. The car isn't without problems. I've had to replace the Camshaft senor twice now (25$ part) and I find the car takes a toll on tires and breaks- so be prepared to replace these a tad earlier than suggested. I also had to replace all 4 motor mounts at 75K. (@81K ATM)

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The trunk leaks

Danny, 04/26/2010
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This is my second Dodge Neon and it has low mileage but the trunk leaks. It gets water in the wheel well under the spare in the trunk and also in the back floor under both sides. I have to go vacuum it out and then air it out. The manufacturer did not seal the trunk correctly and no one seems to know how to fix it. It is now out of warranty. I am not happy about this. Otherwise it is a good car, but my right front power window just went out and the air conditioner could be colder at only 38,500 miles.

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Great after 70,000 miles

Second Neon, 05/07/2016
SXT 4dr Sedan (2.0L 4cyl 5M)
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I bought this car new for $12,500. After 10 years, it's still a great car for the money. No problems with the engine. Front seats are very comfortable for me. Controls, radio etc are simple to operate. Manual trans shifts smoothly, lasts forever. My old neon has 254,000 miles and the trans and engine still are OK, although the engine oil seals leak . . . but it's in it's 22nd year.

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santoactueel, 04/24/2012
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This car has been great to me. I bought it used at 60k miles and I am the 4th owner. I did everything you're suppose to do when buying a used car. Spent the money on the Carfax (a $30 Carfax VS. a costly mistake), test drove it and asked questions like crazy to see any faults in the sellers description. The maintenance on this car has been wonderful and it is great on gas. I found out the Neons have a Mitsubishi. I do all the repairs myself, I replaced the fender & bumper from an accident; the dealer wanted $1500 to repair it, but I found a new fender on eBay for $15 & new bumper for $50. All in all the parts are very affordable & I would definitely buy another one if Dodge still made them.

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