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Neons are cute, but beware!

Carolyn, 03/29/2005
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Bought my Neon in 2000 with only 24,000 mi on it. The dealership had already replaced a head gasket. Since then, I have had to replace the radiator, an O2 sensor, and the dash circuit board (my speedometer stopped working!) The brakes squeak constantly, it slips in the rain even with good tires (I won't even mention in the snow), and the doors/handles freeze solid in the cold. Rear speakers are blown, tape deck quit working. So many problems, and it only JUST passed 56,000 mi. AC isn't very cold, and sucks the life out the acceleration. When I first got the car, I loved how cute it was, but now I look at it and I can't wait to buy my Honda CR-V. No more Dodge products for me!

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don't get one even if it's given to you!

jetta lover, 02/01/2004
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We were happy at first- the style, cabin capacity, and mileage are all good. That was the honeymoon period. Then, the head gasket had to be replaced and the air conditioner repeatedly recharged. At 50,000 miles the engine started crapping out- consuming oil and the engine needed to be replaced- the cost would have "totaled" the car. Had to fill it with a quart of oil once a week. Speedometer worked only when it felt like it... wiring in stereo was bad and the right-passenger-side speaker set on fire. Needed new tires at only about 30,000 miles. Charged A/C a week and a half before we traded it in, and was out of fluid the day we turned it in.

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Buyer Beware

NeonPOOR, 06/28/2003
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This car is a money pit. I used to love it...before two head gaskets, The latest todat to the tune of 1,000 dollars. Two weeks ago I put in $400. As I bought this as a year old rental...I have to wonder what they di to it. AC has been repaired. New brake system (FYI the breaks squeal on all models for this year) Can't get the dome light to turn off. Just found out that the uneven tire wear is a problem many others have had. A new set of tires every year because of inside wear. Ticking sound in dash. Stopping in intersections (Had to put in a new cable from the battery to alternator to solve that problem.)

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nice to drive, but relability problems

cbeck, 12/11/2003
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Bought with 102000 miles. Fun to drive. handles nice. Not too bad power wise for a small car. Timing belt broke with a 142000 miles. Bent up all the valves in the head. Facing expensive repairs. Had constant oil leaks from engine. Transmission speed sensor went bad. Trunk lock doesn't work. Ac quit working. Car seemed to self destruct at about 140,000.

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Don't let looks fool you

Don't let LOOKS fool, 04/10/2006
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Bought used in 2000 and got rid of in '03.<(which is the best thing I've ever done!) Bought to replace my aging '89 Corsica that I loved till the major breakdowns. Obviously, this car wasn't much better. Tons of problems. Was in the shop more than on the road. Oxygen sensor, battery, alternator; just a few of the problems I had w/ it out of many. HIt 2 different deer w/ it and 2 different times. Had 3 different accidents w/ it w/ other vehicles. I think red is a magnet for things to want to attract too. That or bad luck, not sure which? Who knows, but it was always something going wrong. One good thing is that just going to/from work it got good mileage 28/39! Looks are deceiving.....

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