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love this truck

love my dodge, 03/13/2010
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i bought this truck from a friend for $800 the best money i ever spent it has a 318 5.2 V-8 Magnum and 298,000 miles on it and still will put u in the seat if i punch it. I drove it 1300 miles nonstop with no problems.

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My first vehicle, wish it could be my last

Marie, 09/23/2016
Sport 2dr Regular Cab SB
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My grandpa had this truck for I don't know how many years before me, and would still have it but he couldn't handle the clutch anymore for the arthritis in his knees. I bought it from him for $500 at 117k mi in 2007 as a poor 19 year old, and now in 2016 just about to roll over 200k I still can't imagine myself driving anything else. I do believe it will rust out from under me before that engine quits, Colorado's long salty-road winters are eating it alive. In 2010 I drove it cross country from North Carolina when I moved to Denver almost nonstop no issues, completely loaded down with everything I owned in the back. I swear it runs better loaded down than empty! I camp a lot and it hauls about 1000 lbs of gear in the bed up to over 9000 ft, steepest grade encountered is 15% and it doesn't break a sweat. It's just a 3.9L V6 5 spd manual but I get 19.5 mpg highway and 15-16 city. Hauling in the mountains it still gets 18! I don't really go offroading, just gravel and dirt roads, but even being only RWD, with my nice Michelin tires it handles snow around town no problem up to 16" deep. The interior is far from luxurious, but it doesn't mind getting dusty muddy salty snowy cleanup is easy. Electrical sucks, I have replaced every sensor it has and its now time for 2nd stereo replacement, but mechanically only major replacements are the clutch at around 150k, fuel pump a year or two later, the water pump and thermostat 4x but all under warranty, and just recently the radiator (with 4th water pump). Even with one rear fender almost totally rusted away, and the hood and roof not matching the rest of the green truck (rustoleum gray, to combat rust of course) I have had several people try to buy it from me for as much as $3k. KBB is under $250 LOL. Even bringing it in for oil changes the mechanics try to buy it because there's so much room to work under the hood. But I just can't part with it. It's too good a truck and I'll never trade it because it deserves better than to be scrapped. LOVE THIS TRUCK

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best dakota ever

mopar512, 05/04/2009
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My dad got the truck with 300 miles in 92, he gave it to me in 08, great truck, awesome to drive, its smooth n its a v8 and it's a Dodge it cant get any better than that, I got a dual exhaust, with a cherry bomb extreme sounds awesome

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My Best Friend

Beach Driver, 03/31/2010
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I bought this truck a little over 2 years ago, and I've put over 40K miles on here without a hiccup. I've lifted it put 33/12.5 on here and have never got her stuck I call her my best friend for the fact it has never let me down, it doesn't matter if it is -40 or 110 degrees she still started. The only only thing I've ever had to do is change a rear seal in the tranny no big deal seeing that it only cost me 6 bucks. I'm gonna drive her till the wheels fall off and when that happens I'll probably just fix it. NUMBER ONE TRUCK

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Hard Worker

donny, 11/18/2006
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i traded my 1990 3500 service truck for this 1993 Dodge Dakota and it is one of the best trucks I've driven. It handles great, but needs some work like a new fuil pump. I've pulled over 25,000lbs with it and it worked it but it won't stop running. I love it

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