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2001 Dodge Caravan
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Awesome Minivan

Eddie Leal, 09/01/2015
Sport Fwd 4dr Minivan (3.3L 6cyl 4A)
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I have it forl 15 years. honestly speaking it's the best car I ever had I have no problem whatsoever he's just run it every time where I want to go I have two hundred seventy thousand miles on itno major issues since I bought it just routine maintainence oil change brakes batteries which are all normal to replace.

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great minivan

dghost1, 10/18/2011
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I bought it a year ago with 155k miles , have not made any repairs but regular maintance oil changes,. I put in a KN air intake and it gives me 22 plus MPG. I really like it, runs great can't even feel the motor running. Great family vehicle, plan on trading it for a newer model. I was really suprise a dodge could deliver a great review.

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problem van (PLEASE READ THIS)

junk van, 12/07/2003
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i have nothing but problems with it. I have water leaks,engine oil leaks ,trans leaks, wind noises,squeaks and rattels,trans not shifting corectly, engine not running corectly,all doors not opening and closeing corectly. if this is not only a few of the problems that i have had with this van I have taken this van back to the dealer where it was bought from about four times a month from the time i bought it new in 2001 it is now almost 2004 and still have not had these problems corected . the say they want me back in another dodge product I WILL NOT EVER BUY ANOTHER PRODUCT FROM THEM!!!!

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Comfortable Reliable Economical

surflad, 07/25/2012
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Bought my 01 Sport in 02 with 16,000 miles. $20K. It was my second Caravan. 3.3 liter got 24mpg at 2200rpm on the highway. Replaced the alternator at 25k. A/C at 150k. Transmission at 211K (never changed the fluid). Plugs once, brakes once, front window motors once. Regular synthetic oil changes. Got t-boned at an intersection by a red-light runner! Van had 231,000 miles. Up to that point my van ran great. Was hoping to go 300,000. But it was not to be. Will pick up another 01 Sport tomorrow. Nothing but good things to say about this Dodge.

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Reliable car

kirat12gill, 08/11/2014
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I purchased this minivan in 2013. This 2001 model has 136000 kms on it, since then the only problem was the key was stuck in the ignitor and a part had to be replaced for 200$, once i entered the wrong fuel in the van but got it drained later on and had no problems. Its a great family hauler at a very affordable price. Good value for money. Less repairs. Had a 2000 model before this which also ran good

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