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My Malibu

Rick, 10/28/2015
LS 4dr Sedan
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First of all this car is no where near luxury so if your looking to buy your first car with an upscale cabin with a button happy dash, your barking up the wrong tree buddy. This car is for the mondern teen. It has help haul people all across the state of arizona & when it needed to it indeed DID haul ass. Well for the 3.1L V6 atleast, idont know about the smaller engine. Anyways , idont know what those other reviews are talking about when they said " problem after problem " , because the only problem i ever encountered was a blown out turn signal, which was a super easy fix. 7 bucks later & i had no issuse. My car has 178,239 miles as of right now & i got the car when it only had 80,000 miles on it. And its still running strong. The only thing i would complain about is the a/c unit. Theres a copper peice inside of it that when you press the air recycler it dosent go. But again , an easy fix.

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From a College Commuter

alirios, 07/25/2013
LS 4dr Sedan
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I bought this car for around $3500 and it is definitely worth it. It's alright on gas. I work weekends and put 32 miles in total on that travel. Then, I put around 40 miles throughout the week and only put $17 of gas weekly. I've had this car for some time now and the only thing wrong with it was a little ring piece for the A/C which the mechanic fixed for free during an alignment/oil change. The A/C blows nice and the size of the car is good enough to fit 5 people max. I plan on getting to the 200,000 mark from it's current 128,000. Just perform general maintenance of your car and don't be and idiot and this car will treat you with respect.

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American Trash

ayoung, 06/12/2006
LS 4dr Sedan
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The V6 is strong but as with most American cars, it is poorly built. At 100,000 the intake manifold gasket went. I can already tell the transmission is living on borrowed time as it, like most American transmissions, can't make up its mind which gear it needs to be in. It also shifts hesitatingly. Fortunately this was a hand me down from my wife's parents and we have only had to pay for the repairs, not the car. I just wish the American's could build something that lasts.

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My Malibu

drewsookz, 11/16/2012
LS 4dr Sedan
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I am now 17 years old and my dad has just given me the family 1998 Malibu. Bought brand new in 1998 with almost all of the features available. It now has 300 000km on it and is running just fine. Aside from my dad never taking care of the car (oil changes once a year) I am amazed that it still runs. It charges through Canadian winters like a champ with no snow tires unlike all of those crappy Camrys or Accords. It blows away every single foreign sedan I see on the road and I love it. I am sad to see it go next spring when we upgrade to a new Chevy, but yes, Chevy has won me over and I will definetly purchase a vehicle from them.

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great car

tmhires, 10/27/2012
LS 4dr Sedan
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My mom bought this car in 98 used with 17+k and it now has 248759 on the OD i change the oil every 3000mils and check the tranny fluid every few oil changesits been to NY and IN many times and never had anything go wrong but once in the winter when i went to IN the starter went out but hey it was the OE part it came with so no worries there i would tell ppl to buy one love it

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