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Yeah mine has 244,000 miles on it

KatieKoolAid, 11/03/2003
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I have had to buy:struts,window motors, fuel pump, blower motor, dimmer switch, brake lines, rear rotors, front rotors, along with break pads and a heater core. My trunk leaks too, which makes for a car that smells like a foot. I can't use my cigarette lighter or my car phone charger in it because it will blow a fuse. My antilock breaks used to go off when I was driving down the road, pulled the fuse on that one. My driver side seat doesn't recline anymore. Than as of last week, air doesn't come out of the vents anymore and my cruise control decided it didn't wanna work anymore.

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Great Car!

Jaybird, 07/29/2002
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I really like this car. My mom bought it in 1999 with around 80,000 miles on it. It now has over 120,000 and still runs like a dream. She gave the car to me after I turned 16 and I'm always testing the car to see what it's up to. Have been surprised numerous times. No major problems except for brake problems. The emergency brake also sticks sometimes. A/C and heating systems still are wonderful....never a problem. Buy this car.

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Repairs Ouch

FIRE1, 10/01/2002
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Love my Z. Unbelievable to repair. Poor engine compartment design. Everything is so difficult to get at. To replace altenator you have to drop front axle. Timing chain was a $1000 touch. In order to replace battery you have to remove bolted support and washer reservior before accessing battery, Not enough room for battery blanket. Goes like the wind but has a rattly and tinny sound to the muffler as opposed to throaty rumble which would match its look. Despite all, I love it and would not trade it.

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good little car

jesschrista, 06/07/2002
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i got this car when i was in high school, because it was cheap. i drove it all through college, and i love it. i drove the heck out of it, and treated it like crap, and it never let me down. i pushed oil changes to the limit, drove it fast, and drove over 100 miles a day for more than a year like that, and it never died. i love that car.

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Old reliable

Massimo, 09/08/2003
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We got "Lumi", as I call her, back in Jan. 2k w/ 180k on it from my father-in- law, who purchased it new. "Lumi" has been a pleasure to own. She currently has 232k on the orig. drivetrain and continues to run beautifully. the 3.1L v6 runs like a top and rear disc option is nice. Only things I have done are maintenence items. This car just keeps on going.. and cosistantly knocks off 24 mpg avg. I highly recommend this car to anyone, young, old, married w/ family, or single. Comfort, reliable, economical. It's currently up for sale, because my wife wants to update our vehicles, but man I'm reluctant to sell this "GEM".

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