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Great Car

pjkt01, 09/30/2003
Euro 4dr Sedan
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I just bought my 1991 Chevy Lumina Eurosport w/ TURBO, its a nice ride with excellent gas mileage. I just put new brakes and rotors on it and thats all it needed. The brakes arent as touchy as I am used to but oh well, Other than that it rides great, killer pick up and excellent gas mileage.

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My Chevy Lumina Euro

jamespa48, 06/27/2011
Euro 4dr Sedan
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I have a 1991 chevy lumina euro with 136,000 and I am repairing anything it needs. I think this will be my last car I bought it new in 1991 when I was 42 years old and now I am retired and 62. I am never going to get another car I will keep this till I die.

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Love my Ms. Lumina

daniellee, 06/28/2010
4dr Sedan
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I absolutely love my lumina. she is amazing love the mpg. usually get like 450 to a tank ^_^ It's a base with a 3.1. I love that engine no rust no tears rips or anything she's scuffed and scratched at my left turn signal comes on but doesn't blink it's weird. LOL sometimes she will shudder when the ac is on it's weird but it calms down when you roll the windows down but other than that she is amazing new headlamps new tires and were good to go.

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Excellent car

Brenda Helman, 08/29/2005
4dr Sedan
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I bought my car off a neighbor of mine who wanted to by a pickup and needed a little extra than what the dealer wanted to give for a trade in. I thought the car had a lot of miles on it. I knew the owner had taken very good care of the car. I have never had any trouble with it and it now has over 207000 miles on the original odometer. My Lumina was well worth the purchace.

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Possibly one of the best first car you can own

NYCinematographer , 04/12/2020
4dr Sedan
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This was my first car when I was in high school. Which was in the early 2000’s. Nevertheless, it’s still a great choice for a first car, cause you can really learn and beat on this car and it will still run forever. It has the basics, like ABS, seat belts, cruise control. And still has a reasonable mpg for this day and age. A combined 24mpg. Which my 2018 JK can’t do that at all, and my 2019 Renegade can slightly do better with 26mpg. That’s only a 2 mile difference from a car from 1991! Now on to the Lumina’s A, B and C pillars don’t have airbags so they don’t have to be massive and giant blind spots like most new cars. Which brings us to a first car buyer most essential feature. Blind spot visibility. It’s illogical to buy yourself or your idiot kid a brand new car, they crash it cause they don’t understand blind spots and now your stuck with the repair bill and high insurance rates. Which is why smaller pillars makes learning to change lanes, parallel park and back up better. Sure this car doesn’t have Apple car play or Bluetooth, or even a USB port. But I’ll tell you what it does have, a cassette player. Which you can just buy a Bluetooth cassette tape for a more retro vibe to your music selection. Or a simple Bluetooth FM transmitter for a slightly more refined sound. As for the Lumina 3.1 engine. It’s got some pep. You can easily merge onto highways, can keep up with normal traffic just fine. The 3.1 v6 will last forever. And I mean it. It only had 1 flaw which was the intake manifold gasket. Now, if you swap out the intake manifold gasket, your lumina will last forever. Reason why is that the dexcool GM used in this car would eat away at the intake manifold gasket after 60k miles. But regular antifreeze takes away that issue. Thus making your Lumina 3.1 immortal... Other wise with the age of this engine you will have normal easily fixable things, that are bound to go, it’s a 29 going on 30 year old car. But don’t let that discourage you. Cause they are cheap and easy to fix by yourself, things like the ignition control module, coil, AC compressor, MAF sensor, alternator, starter, typical carbon build up and dirty injectors. All very easy to fix as a first car owner. None of these issues will break the bank and can be done over the weekend. And being able to work on your own car brings pride and is something to treasure cause it’s getting harder and harder for newer cars. So in conclusion, the Chevy Lumina 3.1 won’t brake the bank, easy to learn how to drive, and with some simple regular maintenance can and will last forever. Don’t let age fool you, the Lumina still have enough life in it to get you through your first car years.

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