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Van for All uses

AKJIM, 05/30/2005
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I'd previously owned 2 Ford 15 passenger vans and this was my first Chevy Express Van. I'm NEVER going back to the Ford vans! This Express Van drives with much greater stability and handling honesty. It has been trouble free for 62,000 miles and is still going strong. I pull the seats and use it to haul plywood or put in a fouton for traveling. I even carry a motorcycle inside on occassion. Driving at 55 I get 17-18 mpg (5.7 L engine) on long trips. Highly Recommended! I just bought a 2005 for my business uses too.

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Love my van!

Susan, 02/09/2007
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I would love to drive a sporty little Thunderbird, but reality is that I have 4 teenage athletic boys. We bought the van to cart the boys (and their teams) to various sporting events, plus we like to travel. With 12 passenger seating, 6 of us can travel from MN to TX in comfort and we can haul the entire soccer/basketball/baseball team to games, no problem, yet it still fits in my garage fine. With my hitch, I can haul anything. My beefs are: braking system - pads need to be replaced often, and with the most expensive pads to keep them from squeaking badly; the gas mileage stinks! Plus, I usually do end up providing transportation for the entire team/youth group, since I can.

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Better than SUV for larger Families

Stephen Burton, 03/20/2002
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Have a Family of 8 and needed a replacement for our Suburban that was totaled by a drunk. Equity in Suburban to little to replace with same. Opted for a basic Conversion Van. Quad Seating, rear bench folds into a bed. 5L V-8. Result is very nice ride, and better value for the money. Conversion adds insulation which greatly reduces interior noise from road. 7100 lb GVWR is plenty, and with seats removed can haul massive cargo. 20% better mpg than Suburban - 17 vs 14, more living space. Large picture windows allow toddler in car seat excelent view of world outside. 6ft7 son can sit anywhere and have plenty of room. Great for long distance travel.

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GMC 3500 8.1 Liter Ext. Wheelbase

rsmmac, 04/30/2002
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I have already driven 30,000 trouble- free miles with this van. I had a fiberglass top added after I bought it (with installed TV and VCR) and we have enjoyed road trips with our three kids (and often another family and their kids). I average 11 MPG at about any speed/incline/load. Love the 8.1 Liter V8 power and torque.

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2002 Express LT Lots of room

corvete001, 07/11/2002
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I have owned this van for 5 months now and had a few problems but nothing that I don't expect with a new van. This van is wonderful for short and long trips. The kids love the entertainment system to play games on and watch movies. Lots of room for 7 adults. Love the Bose sound system. This replaced my 99 Tahoe and I am very happy with my choice for the money. I have a very good serviceing Dealer who goes the extra mile for you and that helps with being happy with your purchase. Only down side is I would have waited if I had been informed there was a new modle coming out in 2003. Very nice ride and lots of power with the 350.

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Chevrolet Express Van ("Summer Van")

kieblaiy, 05/13/2014
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Chevrolet is known for it's trucks and compact cars. However, their 'dark horse' known as the Express Van rarely attracts any positive attention. As an individual working in the demanding trade of plumbing, never have I ever experienced such a royal piece of sh*t that refuses to die. My efforts to overload it's weight rating and to continuously postpone oil changes, have produced no results as it defiantly clings to life. The water pump, heating element, engine light, and gas consumption are constant issues. This van is much like the Stephen King Novel's famous car Christine, however it does not heal itself, it maintains a poor condition to syphon your hard earned money. Avoid at all costs.

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Excellent alternative to big SUVs

George Hosui, 02/28/2002
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I love my van -- its a base Express 1500 with carpeting and that's about it, but wow, what a lot of space in the interior, for FAR less than any SUV that even comes close in interior space, and all rear seats can be removed for a cavernous interior. Really.

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Sturdy hauler - my "covered pickup"

Wallace Mason, 02/28/2002
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At first I was intimidated by the size, but the fuel economy wasn't so different- better than same sized SUVs, and after driving it a few times it became very comfortable. It really is like a "covered, air conditioned pickup". The Vortec engine is the same used on Chevy's trucks, and the feel is very trucky. The passenger tires and suspension make the ride very comforable, more so than a truck.

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Keep the kids away!

jdbayes, 10/24/2003
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This van is my favorite vehicle out of many new car purchases in my life. It is hard to imagine driving anything smaller. If you need to create space between yourself and those pre-teen monsters we call children - this is with out a doubt the van for you!

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G1500 Regency Conversion

g wright, 05/29/2005
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We use our van for long trips and to haul grandkids and anyhting you might need a pickup for. It is the most versatile vehicle we have ever owned and the best Chevy product, we think. Roomy, comfortable and decent on the gas (18-23) on the road. Excellent reliability overall after few electrical problems ar first. Regency conversion elegant and perfect since day one. It runs and looks like new after 3 years and almost 60000 miles. Trying for 100000 before getting another one. Much better bargain than large SUV.

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02 chev 15 pass van

sternberg547, 05/11/2004
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excellent driveability, no stability problems, no mechanical problems. ownership has exceeded expectations as of 28000mi. my highest reccomendation.

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