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06 Aveo bought new in 06, current owner review

Ben R, 10/14/2015
Special Value 4dr Hatchback (1.6L 4cyl 5M)
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I bought my aveo with 12 miles in 2006. I opted for the hatchback special value manual. No power locks, or windows, came with an amfm radio, only option I got was A/C. Today (oct. 2015) I have 180,000. Figured I'd go over EVERY repair I've had in the last 10 years. I've had the following repairs done (non scheduled maintenance): spark plug wires/plugs with valve cover gasket (225$ @ 80k). Wires opened up causing arching at high rpms which resulted in a flashing check engine light. Also had oil on the plugs due to the valve cover gasket being bad. Both common aveo problems, upgrade the wires/gasket. Have never had the issue repeat. Upper radiator hose leak/vacuum hose repair (80$ @ 100k). Standard collant leak. Vacuum hose leak caused a rough idle and reving idle from 1500rpm to 2500rpm. Never had this issue repeat. Splice pack repair (135$ @ 120k miles). Common issue in the fuse box. Causes only half of your lights to work. Never had this issue repeat. Removal of the day light running module (45$ 130k miles). Was a recall, opted to remove the module, could short out and cause a fire. Headlight electrical harness (60$, 160k miles). Plastic connector failed, causing a short and no right headlight. Back hatch replacement (120$ 160k). Rear hatch wouldn't open. Air intake hose replacement (210$ @ 160k). Intake hose decomposed opening up causing a check engine light and poor MPG and acceleration. Wiper arm springs failed (120$ @ 170k). Wipers no longer laid flat against the windshield. My Aveo has NEVER left me stranded or resulted in a repair over 500$. No engine or transmission failures. Word of advice. Keep up on the general maintenance. Timing belts/water pump/thermostat/serp belt should be replaced every 50k miles. Timing belt failures in Aveos are common at around 60k and destroys your engine if it fails. Use synthetic oil. Helps on the valve tick noise, and get it changed every 5k. Replace the air filter every 45k and flush all fluids (coolant/transmission) every 75k. Brakes (front) disc factories are horrible. Upgrade to ceramic pads and a quality rotor. Rear drums I'm still on the factory drums. No issues. Tires/wheels. Upgrade your wheel and tire package. I went with a wider tire and 15 inch wheel. Same overall height as factory. This makes freeway driving safer, and winter driving (with snow tires) extremely safe. Factory tires are banana peels. Upgrade to a common tire. My tires cost 62$ each. Shocks/struts/springs: I'm still on my original suspension. No failed parts or issues. Was advised at my last maintenance that the struts will need replaced at the next appt. My aveo has been a great car, especially for 10,400$ brand new (in 2006). Small minor issues are common. If you want your aveo to last drive it easy. I never accelerate past 4000 rpms, and never drive faster than 70mph. Also take turns easy and dont bury the gas when letting go of the clutch. It's not a sports car. I'm still on my original clutch at 180k miles. If you follow the maintenance, fix the minor issues, the car should last well past 200,000 miles. If you don't take care of it, expect your timing belt to snap and your engine to blow up. Maintence is key on Aveo ownership. Can't stress that enough. I average 325 to 350 per 10.4 gals of gas. This has been consistent for the ownership of the car. I drive a combination of 75% freeway, 25% city. At 180k I've had zero gasket issues. No leaking oil or other fluids or overheating issues. Hope this review was helpful.

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A bit Spongey

heitro, 03/23/2012
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I recently bought a used 2006 Aveo LT hatchback at 103025 miles. The carfax stated it had regular service done according to the timetable laid out in the manual. So mostly the car runs excellent. My chief complaint at first were the brakes. Ive driven a assortment of cars of various qualities in my years. And I suspected that since it had scheduled maintenance done it would be in good quality, but the brakes are very weak. It feels as though the car is too heavy for the brakes it came with. I tried replacing the brake pads and rotors with OEM quality replacements, and while it made the braking slightly better, it still feels far too heavy.

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Dependable but Disappointed

bab, 07/31/2010
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I traded in a fully loaded Chevy Impala for this car when gas went above $4 a gallon. The Impala was getting 22 mpg city and was very very comfortable. With the Aveo, what was advertised on the window sticker, is not what I got. I usually get between 25 to 27 in the city and 30 on the highway. I should have kept my Impala. Aveo alarm goes off for no reason. I looked this problem up on the internet an nobody could get dealer to fix. One guy said to lock it with the key instead of the fob and that has resolved my problem 99% of the time. Now the hood latch is broke. Can't open back up at all. I've kept this serviced as required over the years so I'm praying it lasts me 4 to 5 more years.

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European feel

tony, 08/03/2005
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I love it. I came out of a gas hog truck that got 13 mpg and now I'm getting about 40 mpg. So far so good, and I have not been back to the dealer except for an oil change. I bought an extended warranty so I'm not worried. Not a quick car, but safe.

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'06 Chevy Aveo LS 5 Door...a must buy!

Soul2Move, 01/25/2006
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I was looking for an econo car that would be priced right and perform like a champ I must confess I found it in my '06 Aveo LS...5sp man w/ 5doors..very roomy...very nice and quiet ride @75mph :) A lot better than the 93 Swift and 95 Honda Civic EX 2Door. I got it 1/22 and so far been shocked at what value this ride has 5 years I hope to tell you more...but so far....a top notch car at a top notch price....I would recommend this car to anyone on a budget or anyone looking for a point A to point B w/o the stress of a Geo or a Suzuki on the freeway!!

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