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Can do it all!

Tim, 10/27/2010
16 of 16 people found this review helpful

This is my second Astro and it is so capable of doing everything. It has a truck frame which allows towing large campers, gets 19 mpg on highway when which is awesome for a AWD van/truck this size. Walks through snow and ice with ease. Strong winds push it around a little on interstate. Finally had to replace something at 119,000 miles, a starter which was very easy to replace myself. Plugs aren't too bad if you pull the front wheel off. Overall we love this (boxy) design, because you sit up so high you can see what's going on in front of you. This van is better than any other minivan we have owned, Mazda, Plymouth, better than our Toyota 4x4 pickup. Great Van, bring it back.

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2000 AWD AstroVan

catlover, 11/09/2003
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Have found vehicle to be extremely reliable, have put 90000 miles on it in 3 years, gone through the worst blizzard in the east coast in 50 years in 2 ft of new snow without even a hesitation. Very roomy, great cargo space, seats comfortable. not good on foot room, can't stretch out driver's legs. driver's information center was very useful.

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Truck like workhorse

drumjess2002, 02/09/2006
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Just bought my van, it is a cargo van used for hauling just about anything. GM just quit making these in 2005, for another SUV-like vehicle[ like there aren't enought of them]..a mistake in my view. My 1st Astro was an '86, ran forever, and I needed a van that could take more cargo capacity than a front drive mini. I plan on driving the wheels off, and it should hold up I think

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Love my Astro

Wayneco, 01/05/2004
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At 35000 miles/year, I am hard on a vehicle. Most of the miles were city driving(65-70%). I tend to wear brakes out faster than most people. Body integrity is excellent. Not a squeak or rattle for the first 80,000 miles. Still is quiet at 145K. No motor or tranny problems. Still goes 3000 miles without burning a quart of oil!

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Versatile, Reliable, Predictable

rosco, 07/12/2005
8 of 8 people found this review helpful

I purchased it used with 50,000 km and have added 60,000 km in last two years. It replaced a 1988 with 325,000 km. Great highway vehicle; comfortable, quiet, great visibility, reasonably economical at highway speeds. Great capacity. Easily accommodates up to 8 passengers with full load or a very comfortable vehicle for 6, with all gear + 2 canoes on top. Great clearance in deep snow. With 4 winter tires, this van will navigate 8 inches or more of snow, and is my preferred vehicle for winter driving compared to my car. It's also great in summer for comfortable drives and trips. Downside - the intrusive wheel wells in the passenger compartment. Otherwise, conservative styling, simple clean lines. It looks great.

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Best Family Vehicle

highegt, 11/27/2004
6 of 6 people found this review helpful

This is my second Astro - put 175000 on the first. Whether it is towing my 5500lb boat, hauling varius team members of my 4 kid's sports, driving 3000 mile vacation, or buzzing around town, this van is the only thing around that can do it all. SUV's are too long outside for less room inside, mini vans are like recycled Pepsi cans when compared to the stoutness and versatility the Astro offers. Consumer magazines rank it poorly, but you have to wonder whether they live in the real world! One last thing - a set of KYB monomax shocks transforms the ride to modern standards.

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No frills, but a great van

GS, 08/15/2007
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Bought this van with 30000 miles on it. Had a few minor issues that first year or so -- power lock failure, etc. No problems since then. With 4 kids, a dog, and a camper, we make full use of the incredible amount of space inside this van. It's one of the few vehicles that can comfortably seat our family, plus two others AND tow. Holds way more stuff than a regular minivan. We've used it to tow our camper (22-ft, 4000 lbs) half way across the country with absolutely no issues - at 100k miles. People are always surprised to see us tow with it. Added a transmission cooler and complete tow pkg. There's nothing fancy about this van, but it's great for a larger, active family.

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phoebe99, 04/07/2002
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Bough new 2 years ago. It was in the shop every 2500 miles. Dealer consistantly claimed "We can't pull diagnostics on it." Broke down 1st time close to home (alternator @ 12000 mi). 2nd time on the way to Santa Barbara, the same day it left the dealership shop. The 3rd and final time I refused to drive it until dealer experienced loss of power. I kept telling them it was transmission, 1 wk later they still claimed it drove perfect for them and that same day the transmission blew on the freeway (30,000 mi). I was 8 mo pregnant with 2 kids in my car. Chevy's 1-800 cust. service did nothing about all the problems so I traded it for a Nissan. Chevy should go out of business!!!

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BABE, 04/06/2002
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Decent overall

Marc B, 06/10/2002
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Take this van for what it is - roomy, practical, relatively inexpensive, no-frills transportation. Van has had its share of minor problems, most of them related to fit and finish items, but no problems with any major component (engine, transmission, electrical, etc.). Very good for towing light trailers and for long-distance hauling with a full load of kids and goodies. Decent gas mileage for its capabilities (16.0 - 21 mpg).

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Dependable and Versatile

OKIE, 04/17/2004
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The LT option interior design is great. This is a very dependable vehicle, no repairs necessary in the first 80,000 miles. Great for hauling people and/or cargo. Vastly improved ride from earlier models. Astro's are truly "Like a Rock", my 1986 model Astro that I bought new, has 335,000 miles on it with orginal engine and transmission, no rebuilds on either one.

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2000 Chev Astro Review

swancoatjm0691, 05/25/2004
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We bought this van in 2002. It is very roomy except for the foot areas for the driver and passenger. It's comfortable and easy to drive. The 2nd & 3rd seats are removable but are heavy when taking them out. The only significant complaint we have is the gas and electrical. I only get 13-14 mpg and we have had some problems an electric window and keyless remote system. These are the only reasons I would have for trading it in for something else.

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Chev Astro Production Should Continue

JimHomyak, 04/21/2004
4 of 5 people found this review helpful

If you keep them clean, get them serviced on time, and like to haul lots of people and cargo, Astro is a great vehicle. Plenty of power, get-up- n-go and gets great mileage over long trips. Best MPG at 70 to 80 Mph. Averaged 22 MPG from MPLS to ORLANDO running 80% over 70MPH.

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Enough Already

dellwen, 06/24/2004
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Although the initial quality was acceptible this vehicle does not hold it's miles well. All maintenence was done on schedule however after 60000 miles the vehicle seemed to be in self destruct mode. Starter, Battery, Water Pump, AC Compressor, Blower Motor, Rear Wheel Bearing, Transmission... This vehicle was the last straw for the big three (GM, Ford, Chrysler) in my book. I never had any issues with my Hyundai and I love my Honda even more. I hate to say it but our Union workers are overated. Abolish the Unions and let's start building decent vehicles here in the USA. Until then Honda has my business. They are over 75% USA or Canadian anyway.

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My Chevy Van

Surfer, 11/12/2005
4 of 5 people found this review helpful

Too many little things have fallen apart. I've got 50K miles on the car and have had to repair the following: - New brakes (I've had three new rotors and pads on the front) - Gas Gauge doesn't work - vacum problems cause the A/C fan not to work - Sliding door doesn't work right - Tons of little pieces have fallen off

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American Astro quality is unmatched

UAW Forever, 07/07/2007
4 of 5 people found this review helpful

I love my Astro, its been the most reliable car I've ever had. American build quality is making waves once again and I'm proud to own this vehicle. Handles great, the 4.3 vortec is bullet-proof and super responsive. You dont have to worry about little problems because the Astro parts while not luxurious are very time-tested.

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The most under rated family van

Chris T., 10/18/2002
2 of 2 people found this review helpful

We sold our 1995 Astro only to buy another one for 2000. This van is the most under rated family vehicle on the road. It is more roomy than the Full Sized Expensive SUV's. The 4.3 6 cyclinder engine delivers a very good performance, despite what the horsepower rating of 190 says. This van is very smart.

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2000 Astro van

jmns41, 09/22/2003
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Love to drive it, but internal mechanisms are breaking down...made cheaply.

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My Limo Ride!

rachelle wallace, 06/26/2019
LS 3dr Minivan AWD
2 of 2 people found this review helpful

I have a 2000 Waldoch Astro. Very close to 200,000 miles. Drove my mom and 2 German Shepards to Vegas 4 times from Iowa. Never had a problem. I once rented a car from Hertz to drive out there , cuz husband did not trust van, it had 2800 miles on it and broke down in Colorado. It is not a money reason. I also have a Mercedes. Impressive car with no real use. My socialite neighbors call my Astro a Dog Van. So my vanity Dog Van license was their idea.

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Bad engine

Jim, 05/16/2006
3 of 4 people found this review helpful

A great all purpose vehicle when it runs right. Unchanged in 20 yrs. like the old VW beatle. Mine "burns" more coolant than oil! Head gasket leaking. Need a new engine after just 74K. Lukas oil treatment no help. Engine hard to service; spark plugs not accessible. Hard to find mechanics who know and understand this vehicle. The front end rebuilt for $1800. Tape deck stolen in Manhattan inspite of security/alarm system. This cargo van was converted to passenger minus the seats--large clear glass (!) windows were cut into the sides. 5- leaf rear springs were added for heavy duty which I recommend! I was thrilled with 18.6 MPG highway recently. But I'm trading it in for a used 2005.

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falling apart

Joe Horton, 10/12/2007
4 of 6 people found this review helpful

I've put 40000 miles in 3 years since I had it. I must admitt it's a good runner with the 4.3 6cyl. but simple things are going wrong that should not happen. Expect to replace the drivers power window motor cuz everyone I've talk to had a problem. Front and rear air you will have a major leak from front to back. You want your fuel guage to work forget it. How about lights behind the radio just drive when the suns out. I like the dutch doors except for the famous rust under the lift window. And I'M retireed UAW oh well.

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Good Bye Old Pal

stevemcp, 02/17/2013
11 of 21 people found this review helpful

I'm sad to say that my 2000 Chevy Astro is getting onto its last legs and GM doesn't make the any more. I bought mine used with 85,000 km off a 4 year lease in 2004. i have to that this has been the longest lasting, least expensive vehicle I have ever owned. Secretly, I think GM stopped making these because they were too reliable. My Astro now has over 270,000 km and I had no problems other than normal wear and tear. I'm still running on my second brake job with the rear drums never having been touched. Tires seem to last forever on the Astro - at least mine do. It still has the original muffler. I' using AMSOil synthetic and I change it every 40,000 km. Sad to see it go....

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van- tastic

bob 66, 05/02/2002
2 of 3 people found this review helpful

I love the van. it has been reliable we have driven across the country from NY to New Orleans to las vegas. No problems

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My third Astro

JDeFoor, 08/29/2002
2 of 3 people found this review helpful

As indicated by the title I am sold on the astro. I have found it to be the most versatile and dependable vehicle I have ever owned. I have had only minor problems with any of the three I have purchased. I still have my 1991 and have purchased a 2000.

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As the tru that cant make a 100,000 mile

Disconious, 06/03/2009
3 of 7 people found this review helpful

Actually this is my second one, I think they are attractive and the kids loved em. My first was under powered but ran with scheduled maintenance which I had to abandoned due to the expense. Both vehicles ran good until about 70, 000 miles when windows stopped working, slight idle roughness, sliding door had parts fall off and started to rattle, front ac vents stopped working, back door starting clicking and vacum problems with locks and ac vents, ac fan motor, trying to fix all this at the dealer is vehicle suicide.

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Info, 04/05/2002
1 of 1 people found this review helpful

This is a great vehicle. Very comfortable, roomy, and dependable.

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My Van

Jerry99999, 01/25/2004
1 of 1 people found this review helpful

Very good van, I find that the GM is still good quilty. Very happy with the AWD.

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Great Van

Backintime, 03/22/2002
2 of 6 people found this review helpful

This is a great van. It's Tall and have lot of space and great cargo area. Rear seat don't reclined and they are very heavy and difficult to remove. I wish it did have a rear stereo and TV to keep the kids busy.

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The best minivan/truck

Chevy angel, 10/28/2003
1 of 2 people found this review helpful

I'm in love with this van I will not buy another vehicle other than this van. Is reliable, strong & really comfortable I recommend this van/truck to anybody with my eyes close.

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Family Van

Papabear, 09/05/2002
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Great family vehicle. Lots of cargo space for kids, dog, and camping gear.

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