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Mitsubishi to Revamp Its North American Lineup with New Electrified Vehicles

New vehicles and a further commitment to electrification highlight Momentum 2030

Mitsubishi Momentum 2030 lineup easer photo
  • Mitsubishi announces a five-year plan to rebuild its lineup in North America.
  • The plan includes one new or refreshed vehicle per year between 2026 and 2030.
  • Among the new cars will be a mix of hybrids, PHEVs and EVs.

Mitsubishi announced this week it will expand its presence in North America and focus on electrified powertrains in the next five years. The plan called “Momentum 2030” will start in 2026 and include hybrid, plug-in hybrid and fully electric options. 

Details were scarce, but Mitsubishi said it plans to introduce a new or refreshed vehicle in each year beginning in 2026 and ending in 2030, effectively doubling the size of its lineup. The automaker currently sells four models in North America: the Mirage subcompact hatchback and Eclipse Cross, Outlander Sport and Outlander SUVs. 

At least two of those all-new vehicles will debut in segments the company doesn't currently compete in. Given that Mitsubishi currently only sells a subcompact and a few SUVs, there's plenty of room for aggressive expansion. Do we dare to dream about the Mitsubishi Triton pickup truck? OK, probably not. But maybe a comeback of a Mitsubishi sports car or a legit off-roader. 

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2022 Mitsubishi Outlander

Reading the tea leaves, it seems like the Mirage, Eclipse Cross and Outlander Sport could be due for a refresh soon. The Mirage has not been redesigned since 2014 and is one of the cheapest models available, but the Outlander Sport dates back to 2011. 

The Outlander, redesigned in 2022, is the strongest model in Mitsubishi's lineup and may serve as an indicator of what's to come. It is one of the least expensive three-row SUVs available and is available with a standard gas engine and as well as a plug-in hybrid

Mitsubishi also plans to expand its retail network, tapping markets the automaker currently does not have a presence in. It teased "new retail concepts" but did not elaborate on whether this means adding more dealers or something more akin to Tesla stores you may find in upscale shopping malls.