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Lucid Switches to NACS, Elon Musk Quick to Mock on Twitter

Or maybe that's X ...

2024 Lucid Air Sapphire front
  • Lucid, like many other automakers, is switching from CCS to NACS in 2025.
  • The move comes after some hesitation from Lucid's CEO Peter Rawlinson.
  • Tesla CEO Elon Musk had something to say (because of course he did).

There is a longstanding but rather quiet rivalry between Tesla and Lucid. Tesla CEO Elon Musk wasted no time in adding fuel to the feud with his latest comment about Lucid’s announcement of moving from the combined charging system (CCS) to the North American Charging Standard (NACS) that has been used on Teslas since the Model S’s introduction in 2012.

Musk took petty shots at Lucid for the move, tweeting, "That must have been a bitter pill to swallow 😂."

We all know Elon isn't afraid of poking fun at rivals, and he approached Lucid's move with his trademark dispassionate "told ya so" attitude. Perhaps the rivalry between the two brands isn't so quiet after all.

Screenshot of Tweet from Elon

Lucid, which was founded by former Tesla employees, follows Ford, GM, Nissan, Honda and others with its switch to NACS, which will happen sometime in 2025. All Lucids (a lineup that’s currently made up of the Air and the upcoming Gravity SUV) will be able to charge at Tesla Supercharger stations in 2025 with the use of a CSS-to-NACS adapter. Lucid has also said that it will “integrate [sic] the North American Charging Standard (NACS) into its vehicles in 2025.” We aren’t sure if they mean the 2025 model year or the 2025 calendar year, but the latter is a safe assumption.

Lucid CEO Peter Rawlison has said that what kind of plug a car uses doesn't matter — and what matters more is effective, high-voltage, high-power charging. He also expressed valid concerns that Tesla would have access to a lot of consumer data, telling Business Insider “it’s who owns that data, and making it genuinely open-sourced, that would worry me."

Edmunds says

The most important takeaway is that Lucid's customers will now benefit from Tesla's Supercharger stations, and that's a major key to making the brand more accessible than ever.