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2023 Lamborghini Huracan front

Lamborghini Unveils Trio of Special-Edition Huracáns to Celebrate Its 60th Birthday

Three new limited-edition Huracáns celebrate a special occasion

  • A total of 180 special-edition Huracán models will be made to celebrate Lamborghini's 60th anniversary.
  • There will be 60 units each of the STO, Tecnica and Evo Spyder variants.
  • Two color combinations are available for each car.

Lamborghini unveiled three special-edition vehicles this month, with each based on one of the Huracán’s many variants. The three cars are intended to commemorate the Sant'Agata Bolognese-based manufacturer's 60th anniversary, and as such, are limited to 60 cars a pop. On top of that, customers will be able to choose between two unique liveries for each of the Huracan STO, Tecnica and Evo Spyder. Each example also gets a “1 of 60” carbon-fiber plaque with a “60th” logo painted on the doors and stitched into the seats.

The STO is far and away the most sporty of the three, and the two available paint combos reflect that. Lambo says that both are inspired “by the idea of high-performance athletic sportswear or team colors.” The first is finished in matte blue with gloss dark blue accents and exposed blue carbon fiber. Inside, black leather and Alcantara are accented with blue stitching. The second option is a gray car with black accents and carbon fiber. This time, red leather is trimmed with Alcantara. No matter which version a customer specs, the STO comes with 20-inch forged Hek wheels in matte black.

Lamborghini says the Tecnica draws inspiration from motorsport and the Italian Tricolore flag. The first special edition is a gray car with details in black and red. The scheme also carries over to the interior of the car, which is finished in black Alcantara and red trim. For the second option, Lamborghini has chosen the opposite — a white car with green stripes. Inside, a black interior gets green accents as well. This limited-production Tecnica gets 20-inch Damiso wheels finished in gloss black.

For the Spyder, Lamborghini doesn’t disclose a particular ethos or inspiration. The first option is a Huracán painted blue with “contrasting white details.” Like the Tecnica variant above, this color scheme is echoed inside, with black Alcantara accented by blue and white. The alternative Spyder variant gets loud green paint with white accents. Inside, black Alcantara is mixed with red and white accents. The same gloss black wheels adorning the Tecnica are also used here.

Lamborghini showed off the cars last week with the new Revuelto. These are all part of the automaker's 60th birthday celebrations, which will conclude on May 28 with a massive gathering at the Piazza Maggiore in Bologna, Italy, with a 150-car Concours d’Elegance.

Edmunds says

These are likely to be some of the last special-edition Huracán models we see. We're sure that these will be collectible to the right person, but given the occasion, we expected more than some new liveries for Lamborghini's 60th birthday. The Huracán has been running for some time now, and we know that Lamborghini has begun work on a replacement — even if said replacement isn't due until next year at the soonest. Expect more to come from the Huracán until then.