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The Blazer SS Is the EV GM Needs Right Now

The Blazer SS Is the EV GM Needs Right Now

The Blazer EV SS will mark the first time that the SS badge — which denotes a Chevy performance model — will grace an electric vehicle

  • The Camaro-inspired Blazer is getting an SS version.
  • The Blazer SS will be the first EV to wear the SS badge.
  • The Blazer EV is due in spring 2023, Equinox EV in fall 2023.

It's been more than two years since General Motors announced its high-capacity Ultium battery system, and the first models that utilize the modular pack are just now starting to roll off the production line. However, the GMC Hummer EV that introduces the Ultium platform is priced well outside the budget range of most shoppers, and the upcoming Chevrolet Silverado EV and Cadillac Lyriq are also aspirationally priced.

Fans of the General shouldn't fear, as two new Ultium-powered crossovers are on the way, and they should be far more affordable than the others mentioned here. We covered the debut of the Equinox EV and Blazer EV when both were announced this January. And now that we know a performance-based Blazer EV SS is in the works, the more we believe that these are exactly the kind of electric vehicles GM needs now.

The one you'll want, and one you'll buy

Chevrolet made several announcements during its virtual keynote in January, but the most immediately enticing was the unveiling of the Equinox EV and announcement of the Blazer EV. The former was targeted to start around $30,000 and would be available to both fleet and retail customers in at least two trim levels: LT and RS. Not much was disclosed about the Blazer at the time, but we expected it to be bigger and more stylish than the Equinox.

While much about the Blazer is still unknown, Chevrolet has confirmed that it's building an SS version of the Blazer EV, making it the first Chevrolet EV to feature a performance model denoted by the high-performance SS badge.

GM says the Blazer EV will debut first in the spring of 2023, while the Equinox EV will arrive later that fall. The duo will likely follow the lead of other recent EV releases, with well-equipped models launching first, followed by more modestly priced versions later.

If the standard Blazer is anything to go by, the Blazer EV SS could debut with sleek, Camaro-like styling and be poised to become the one you'll want. The Equinox EV, on the other hand, should offer a value proposition that appeals to your practical side. Next year can't come soon enough to make GM's EV aspirations a reality.

GM needs a few good EVs right about now.

Chevrolet's current EV lineup — consisting of the Bolt EV and Bolt EUV — has been dogged by a universal recall due to a potentially fiery battery defect. Though prudent, having to ask owners to park their brand-new cars outside and away from structures to prevent immolation really does bring down the ownership experience.

The Bolt EV and Bolt EUV also subscribe to the now-outdated electric vehicle maxim that EVs have to look extremely distinct from their gasoline-powered siblings. The success of the more conventionally styled Tesla Model Y and the Mustang Mach-E makes the case that many buyers are interested in an EV that doesn't look like a traditional EV. Producing a Blazer EV SS with Camaro-like styling could land Chevy into the thick of the sporty EV crossover segment. Plus, if the Blazer EV SS can make all of its power for more than 5 seconds at a time (we're looking at you, Mach-E GT) then it could leapfrog the electrified Mustang and go head-to-head with the Tesla Model Y Performance.

Edmunds says

GM could use a win on the EV front, and dropping an SS version of the upcoming Blazer EV alongside an affordably priced Equinox EV just might do it. Spring 2023 feels like a long way away.