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Watch: Brutal Traffic Is No Problem for the Relaxed BMW i7

We brave LA traffic in BMW's new ultra-luxury EV

2023 BMW i7 front
  • The all-electric 7 Series has impressive luxury and performance credentials.
  • BMW's latest advanced safety features are put to the test.
  • A large backseat feature earns our wildcard.

Getting stuck on the road is an unavoidable reality for many folks on their commutes, and in the latest video of our "Traffic Tested" series, we feature what may be one of the hands-down best vehicles to brave traffic in: the BMW i7.

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That's because the i7 keeps all of the luxurious trappings and technology of the flagship 7 Series but swaps out the gas engine for an electric powertrain and a large battery that make the big sedan even quieter and smoother on the road. It's got nearly every feature you could imagine in a vehicle, with massaging seats at all four corners and some cool ambient lighting in the panoramic glass roof.

On the safety side, the i7 also features an upgraded hands-free driving system that works up to 80 mph rather than 40 mph, as is the case in most of BMW's other vehicles. Of course, when you're stuck in traffic, you'll never get up to those speeds, but we did come away impressed with the system's consistency and lane centering when we were able to try it.

The cherry-on-top is an awesome technology feature for the back seat that is unmatched by any other luxury sedan out there. To see what it is, you'll just have to tune in — and trust us, it's worth it.

Edmunds says

To see how the BMW i7 handles LA traffic from behind the wheel and the back seat, check out our video!