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Great Car

Richard, 08/18/2008
Custom 4dr Sedan
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I bought the car with 56,000 miles in 2005. It's 2008 now and I've put over 70,000 more on it. Drove from Venice Beach to Cleveland, Ohio and back flawlessly 4 times now have never broke down and only had to put minimal wear and tear mantainence like brakes and tires. After 3 years and 70,000 miles never had any break downs or mechanical failures. This car was made in Canada so it was built to higher standards. I only payed $7000 for it and have already gotten my money's worth. Excellent in the snow especially with the flawless ABS and traction control. If you're looking for a reliable car with great gas mileage, 30 mpg, look for a Century built in Canada not Mexico

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A comfortable, reliable, boring, rusting car

Andy, 06/23/2018
Custom 4dr Sedan
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This car is pretty old, but if you need a really cheap car that is reliable it could be a good choice. Visually it isn't the worst looking 18 year old car. Reliability has been great since we got the car from my grandpa. He had to do some transmission work and I'm sure the intake manifold gaskets at one point, but I believe that after that it's pretty much going to run forever, maybe not with the best health as rubber hoses are going to get brittle and break on an 18 year old car, but it should still take you places without too much trouble. It's not really a car you have to worry about too much since parts aren't expensive. Mine has 185,000 miles. The driving experience is pretty boring but adequate for getting you around. It has a lot of body roll and doesn't feel particularly secure doing fast turns, or is in other words floaty. The steering is decently responsive though. Acceleration is adequate, which means it won't wow you but should be enough to get up to speed on the highway. The car is a little hard to park, because the edges are all rounded and it makes the position of the car a little uncertain. Windows are plentiful and mirrors are large which makes visibility good. Build quality wise the car isn't the best. I know it's old, but the mirrors have fallen off and have had to be glued, the speakers are blown (although it's 18, years old so we'll cut it some slack), but there is random wear and tear that has occurred that shouldn't, like the radio knob is missing, piece of cupholder broken, loose looking components that look like they barely fit all over the place, broken glovebox, passenger side window switch doesn't work, button broken on window switch, foam disintegrating. The door panels literally move when the windows roll down. But that is okay if your main focus is reliability and a car that just drives you around. The only big build quality problem is rust. If you are living in the south it may not be an issue, but in the north the bottom of a door has begun to rust after 3 years here. Whether critical components like rocker panels are affected is uncertain, but I've noticed a few Centuries with rusted out rocker panels. Interior wise it is roomy, but you are missing features like rear cupholders. It is neat how center console folds up for a 6th seat. It has a lot of door storage. No rear vents though or fold down seats. Climate control is basic but easy to use, and has Dual zone control. One thing to watch out for is these old cars probably don't have a working heater and the A/C might not work well. My heater doesn't work for a long time, and the A/C which has been recharged is ice cold only when the car is moving. Technology is not great because it doesn't have a CD player. Comfort is good. The seats are not uncomfortable but not the most supportive or contoured. The soft suspension is awesome on our pothole roads though. Basically, if you are looking for a reliable, roomy car that gets decent gas mileage, you dont care about bad interior build quality, and you are looking for one that doesn't have any complicated electronics to break, this car is a good option! Just check for rust and when you get the car maybe do some preventative stuff like washing your car during the winter/getting an undercoating. I don't have any long winter experience with this southern car so I can't give a first hand experience. I have just seen a few rusty ones. Update: one of the back window stopped working. Window regulators are a known weak point on this car I believe.

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2000 Buick Century

thagentleman22, 10/03/2011
Custom 4dr Sedan
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PROS: -A cheap luxury car. Gets you from point A to B. -Smooth ride, good MPG. Low maintenance car. -Comfortable, roomy seating. Bang for your $. CONS: -Can take a while to get up to faster speeds. -Battery went out after 1 month. Windows went out also. Both minor problems, though. -Rims are ugly (Not a problem with the car). I bought this Buick in August for $5,000 from an elderly man in the desert, Palm Springs, California area. This car has close to 95,000 miles on it. Overall, it has been good to me, and after I get a new battery, I should be a happy owner for another 5 years. Very happy, so far.

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Absolutly love this car!!!!

mandapanda, 05/20/2014
Limited 4dr Sedan
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When I bought this car it had high millage (abt 200k). I it was one of the best cars I have ever owned! The low tire light would come on sometimes when tire was not really low; and, had a problem with the light switch. Never had the chance to find out exactly what caused it because my sister ended up driving it over a 20ft bank. The car was totaled; but, my sister came out of the wreck with only bruises and seat belt burn. Really miss my baby. Would recommend this to anyone; and, would love to own another some day!

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Love My Century

riger, 02/01/2013
Custom 4dr Sedan
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I have been so impressed with my Century. The ride, power, acceleration are all that I need. I especially like to listen to the engine accelerate and the transmission shift. It is so smooth - and I have driven a lot of cars. If it were a Honda, or Camry this same car with the mileage would have cost me about $5000 more than I paid. Now the bad - the window regulator assembly is a problem. A new one at Auto Zone cost $98 with tax. I have installed two. The transmission did shift crazy until I dropped the pan, changed the filter and added Lucas Trans to the existing oil. It now shifts and runs so good that it gives me joy on every trip that I take. Thanks GM

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