2012 Audi R8 - Edmunds Ratings

2012 Audi R8 5.2 quattro Spyder (5.2L V10 AWD 6-speed Manual)
Date Driven: 8/31/2010 (2011 5.2L V10)
Performance This 525-horsepower V10 accelerates to 60 mph in 3.7 seconds and sounds incredible doing so. The 6-speed manual feels solid and secure into each gear. Shifts can't be rushed due to the metal gate but that is not a detriment to the car.
Driving Dynamics Brake pedal feel is solid and consistent. It does take some time for them to warm up and reach optimum bite. Grip and stability are excellent from the AWD R8. Its tendency toward RWD handling benefits handling and enhances fun.
Ride Comfort The R8 is a sports car, and as such its ride quality is on the stiff side. The suspension components that make the R8 elite on the track also work against the Audi as a daily driver. Is it enough teeth chatter to keep us away? Nope.
Quietness Audi doesn't want the R8 Spyder to be quiet; it emphasizes the glorious V10 engine note by removing the roof altogether. With the windows and roof up, the R8 is reasonably quiet. In most every other situation it's loud -- wonderfully loud.
Ergonomics All controls are easily reached and placed logically. The use of knobs instead of buttons further enhances ease of use. The MMI system takes a bit of time to master.
Visibility Forward visibility is nearly unimpeded. Short hood, large windshield and bright headlamps offer excellent visibility. Rearward visibility is limited by engine placement and a small back window, but it is aided by a rearview camera.
Seat Access & Space Seats are somewhat difficult to get in and out of due to their proximity to the ground and the prominent bolsters. It's cozy once inside, but there is plenty of space for tall occupants.
Cargo & Storage For it's class, there's considerable storage space in the forward cargo area. Don't expect to store much else anywhere in the car if there are two passengers.
Build Quality Top-notch. We could not find a panel out of place or a stretch of blemished paint. Rich-looking materials inside. Truly professional build quality.
Convertible With the activation of a button the top lowers on the R8 Spyder and stows out of sight. It doesn't impede storage space when lowered because there wasn't any back there to begin with. Lowering the top also accentuates the V10.

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