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  • Awesome acceleration and handling
  • Exquisitely trimmed cabin
  • Innovative infotainment interface
  • Easy-to-drive character


  • Lacks advanced safety features
  • Pitiful cargo space
Audi R8 Coupe MSRP: $189900
Based on the V10 plus quattro AWD 2-passenger 2-dr Coupe with typically equipped options.
EPA Est. MPG 17
Transmission Automated_manual
Drive Train All Wheel Drive
Displacement 5.2 L
Passenger Volume N/A
Wheelbase 104 in
Length 174 in
Width 76 in
Height 48 in
Curb Weight 3572 lbs
Audi R8 Coupe MSRP: $189900
Based on the V10 plus quattro AWD 2-passenger 2-dr Coupe with typically equipped options.
  • Keyless Entry/Start
  • Tire Pressure Warning
  • Post-collision safety system
  • Upgraded Headlights
  • Leather Seats
  • Alarm
  • Heated seats
  • Power Driver Seat
  • Back-up camera
  • AWD/4WD
  • Audio and cruise controls on steering wheel
  • Trip Computer
  • Electronic Folding Mirrors
  • Parking sensors
  • USB Inputs
  • Aux Audio Inputs
  • Auto Climate Control
  • Stability Control
  • Mobile Internet
  • Navigation

Audi R8 2017

2017 Audi R8 Spyder Acceleration Test

How fast can the 2017 Audi R8 Spyder go? Edmunds Senior Writer Carlos Lago applies the slam-the-gas-and-see-what-happens approach to testing out the Audi R8 Spyder sports car's naturally aspirated 540-horsepower V10 at California Speedway in Fontana, California. Spoiler alert: This supercar is really, really fast.


CARLOS LAGO: That right there is the Audi R8 Spider. It's got a v10 and 540 horsepower, and on this episode of the Edmunds' smash hit, How Fast Can It Go in a Straight Line, we're going to find out how fast it can go in a straight line. It's a descriptive title. So, the first part of acceleration testing always begins with my favorite part of testing in general, the 'just slam the gas and see what happens' approach, so let's do that. A little leisurely off the line there, we didn't get a super hard launch, but that's really fast acceleration for just turning the car on and mashing the gas. Next, we'll put it into the Dynamic setting, turn on the Sport Stability Control, and play around with launch control which should make that pretty easy. We're going to put the R8 in Dynamic mode, I'm going to hold the brake with my left foot, mash the gas with my right, and then release the brake when it seems like it's ready to go. I should put the traction control in sport too, that might help. Let's give it a try. All right, that's-- that's launch control. So that dropped significant time from the acceleration. Couple of things I noticed, so when you mash the gas up when you're folding the car with your brake. You activate launch control, the engine revs up to 3,500 or 4,000 RPM, I couldn't really tell, I wasn't paying that close of attention to it. The launch is a lot more aggressive, there's actually some rear tire slip, and that helps get the car moving faster, because the end is operating at a higher speed, giving the car more power to accelerate. In launch control mode, the gearshifts actually have a kick. If you don't put it in launch and smash the gas the gear shifts are so smooth, it's almost like you're in a CVT. You just move from one gear to the next, without any sense that it's happening. In launch control they actually kick the transmission when it changes gears and that could be for excitement, there might actually be small benefit to doing that too in regard to acceleration, either way, it's really quick and not too difficult to get into and access. There are way clunkier and more confusing launch control systems, and who can argue with the performance? That's really fast for a car with just 540 horsepower. So, for this run, we're just going to keep doing the same thing, we already know generally, with the launch controls don't make this car do it might try something different come off the brake a little bit sooner as we're getting the launch control, and see if it helps at all, but let's just be honest, this is for fun. So coming off the brake a little sooner actually slowed the car down but by a matter of hundreds, not even tenths, so, it doesn't seem to matter what I do, this car is just going to do what it does, and that is, go very fast. This R8 V10, it's not even the most powerful one, they do a plus that has 610 horsepower. But this, even with 540 horsepower, that's still a lot. Even though cars in this range have more power-- some cars do at least-- this is still really fast, you're still looking at a zero to 60 in the mid-three second range, a quarter mile and the high 11s, that's incredible for a naturally aspirated car, especially one that weighs 4,000 pounds. So all right, very fast. Glad we could find that out. Captain obvious reporting that super cars are fun. Thanks for watching. If you want to see more, keep it tuned right here.

2017 Audi R8 Spyder Acceleration Test
2017 Audi R8 Spyder | A Night Out With the V10

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