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300K Miles and Still Going

milo65, 01/25/2012
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Well maintained and still running! Timing belt every 90K, heating core at 280K, otherwise just brakes, belts, and tires.

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Great well rounded car

MKrenz, 01/27/2009
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I would admit the car is a little heavy for the 2.8 v6 and the 4 speed automatic tranny doesn't help, but I have had a lot of fun with this car(I can drift and do donuts all day in an snowy parking lot). Unlike other AWD cars the rear wheels have power all the time which means a lot of fun, the quattro is excellent for my Ice rink of a drive way, and provides confidence going into corners. I get decent gas mileage about 22 average which isn't bad for a v6 AWD luxury car that is 12 years old. although I've added two 10" subs the stock sound system is great. The ride is pretty good although it can get a little bumper on broken up roads and the seats are adequate.

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Great car to drive

Andy, 05/24/2008
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Great highway car. It is really easy to drive and feel comfortable even at higher speeds. I've owned since new and have a hard time finding cars I like driving better. Reliability has been only average. Torque sweet spot is very narrow at 3000rpm. Transmission is dumb so power is not delivered often when it should. Fwy entrances can be stressful because at just that speed ~50mph, it wants to upshift and forfeit all torque right when you need it. At speed ~65mph, fwy accel is very good.

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Tyler, 02/06/2016
2.8 4dr Sedan
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Take the 1500 bucks or whatever you could buy one for and flush it down the toilet; it is a safer investment than buying this car. I honestly loathe everytime I have to drive the car. Bought the car because I needed something with 4WD. The quattro system is competent for its age, but the package the system comes in isn't worth it. Went from a W124 300e Mercedes and have regretted it whole-heartedly. The car is ridiculously-complicated to work on; everything is over-thought and over-engineered and yet none of it works! I have had the car and have changed: CV joints x2, tie-rods x2, radiator, auxillary fan, dashboard lights, front struts, and rear control arm. I like a car either because it can get great gas mileage, or great performance...this car can do neither. Stopped on a hill? Prepare to piss off everyone behind you when the light turns green. Need to pass a car? Make sure you have about 10 miles of space to get past them. Want to save money on gas? Take a riding lawnmower to work, it'll get better mileage. Seriously, its a 19.something gallon tank and I get 390 miles 90/10 freeway/city driving behind semis at 65. The car is enormous and yet, you can't fit anyone behind you if you're over 6'.

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German quality....but

Need2Speed, 11/06/2002
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Superb vehicle if you live in the north were winther is an issue of getting around or not. The Quattro system is the world's best real-time all wheel drive system, expect high maintenance price and do not buy an Audi without warranty. Built quality interior and exterior is very high compared to domestics.

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