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Bad luck or actual crap of a vehicle

Suckered, 04/28/2010
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We bought this car for my kid. The car had 121k miles which isn't much from the reviews I have read on this vehicle. But,after owning it for less than 2 weeks it was in the shop. 4 months later, I stuck over three grand into this vehicle and it won't stop breaking. It seems like as soon as I fix one thing, another one breaks. I am ready to take it to auction.

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Awesome, but high cost of ownership

juuls, 10/14/2011
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This was the most luxurious and fastest car I ever owned. I previously came from a Jetta that didnt have traction control. Minnesota winters suck so I thought id try out the Audi A4 Quattro. Handled like a beast! I had to sell to pay for college, but I had hose leak which caused an annoying serpentine belt squeak. Found out from the new owner that the front axel snapped and blew out the motor mount, very unfortunate. had 137k IF youre gonna buy one, get the carfax, and make sure timing belt, water pump, suspension drag link and CV boot and all that have been inspected or replaced! the 00' was the most reliable model in my opinion.

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Best car I've ever owned!

RickB, 07/01/2009
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2nd owner of a Audi factory specialty built 1999 A4 with all 2000 model year toys like nav, xenon, recaro seats, ESP. Best car I've ever owned! Only two dislikes and they are minor. Otherwise a very solid car that I've driven throughout Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Croatia, Slovenia, Italy, Holland and France. I definitely recommend a 2000 Audi A4 Quattro, and would also say to buy winter tires and summer tires then rotate to avoid AWD tire issues.

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It is what it is...

Chris, 10/25/2009
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When you buy an Audi you have to accept it for what it is. My 2000 A4 1.8 Front Track has 150,000 as of yesterday. I've put 65,000 on it in my 5 years of ownership. Right now the dash is lit up like a Christmas tree, but rather than be obsessed with those lights, I just keep on driving. I think people should stop trying to keep the 'check engine' light out and just accept the fact that Audis have issues. However, that doesn't prevent them from being an outstanding car. My Audi at 150,000 has many issues, but it also starts, stops, and gets me where I need to go. It's fun and has always been dependable.

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Don't buy this car

Dede, 03/15/2007
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I bought my Audi A4 1.8T in 2000 new. Over the last 7 years of ownership (and 69,000 miles) I have had to replace different sensors on the engine 7 different times, the last, just 2 weeks ago at $700 for two oxygen sensors. Just 4 days later I was in Audi service again for a hose that needed to be ordered, and a total of $170 would be needed. I was so mad I sent my Audi to the used car auction. I also had to replace brake pads every 11,000 miles. I thought this was also unreasonable. I averaged between $800 and $1,000 a year for maintenance and have decided this car is not worth owning.

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Audi Nightmare!!!

Jennifer , 08/04/2002
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This car was WONDERFUL-- until the warranty expired. Since then, I have spent thousands of dollars on engine and suspension repairs. Steve White Audi (Greenville, SC) has the least professional and incompetent service department I have encountered. Audi of America does not hold the dealers responsible, and make minimal efforts to ensure quality service.

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A4 2.8 Quattro

Popeye, 08/20/2003
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Finally, I have the car I want! Lot's of fun to drive.

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Good for a horrible winter driver

Leesh, 04/10/2008
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Just traded in my trusty '93 BMW 318is 5 speed w/250k for my 2.8 A4. This car is awesome in the snow! (granted I went from rear-wheel to all-wheel) I spun the Bimmer out so many times just trying to get outta the driveway. Some electrical malfunctions, (dash board has streaks going thru the lettering, check engine light w/ no code apprearing, ) the front right tie rod squeaks, but the roads are so full of potholes here in ne Ohio, I'm lucky I still have a straight rim to roll on. Even being the daughter of the service advisor isn't going to help with the costs to repair, but knowing I will be safe and sound this upcoming winter is worth it.

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autobahn here I come

khouryp23, 12/01/2005
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This has been a very solid car for my wife. It could use a few more horsepower, and I wouldn't recommend it if you have kids or need to have people in the backseat much. Get the quattro, it's worth the extra cash. Car handles great and build quality is second to none. I've had no major mechanical issues so far (50k). We do experience the occasional electronic gremlin. nothing major, and they always work after re-starting the car. My biggest gripe is.... No useful cup-holders. Oh yeah, the tiptronic shifter is pretty slick, much better than some others I've driven.

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Wonder when the other shoe will drop

BarbaraK, 08/15/2005
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I have had my Audi 2000 A4 1.8T AWD for five years now and find that anything I have to pay for is expensive. I have a good dealership, but the labor cost is amazing. What wears out most for me are the brake pads, every 11,000 miles, and the engine light has gone on at least once a year for vacumn hoses on the engine. I am very good about oil changes every 5,000 miles and take it in for any maintenance due. It is a wonderful driving car, and when I go on the turnpike I get great mileage, going much too fast. I am torn between loving my car and hating it whenever I go to the dealership for repairs. I would not buy a used Audi.

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