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My 2nd NSX

Easygo711, 12/22/2004
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The thrill and performance of a Ferrari and the reliability of a Honda. This car can be a daily driver and it won't break the bank. This is my 2nd. NSX. My previous one was a green 1996. I sold it with 62,000 miles and the car was tight with no problems. I bought my 2002 with 11,000 miles. I wanted a red one and wanted the 3.2 and 6 speed. My buddy has a Porsche and he said it costs him more than his ex- wife. I drove Vipers, Corvettes and Porsches. I feel the NSX out did them all. In overall driveability, quality and fun factor. My wife loves to drive it. And you don't see one on every corner. IT'S A TRUE EXOTIC.

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Couldnt be happier

rjk, 10/16/2002
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The more I researched this car, the more I thought I'd like it, but I hadn't even begun to understand how much I'd have liked it. Driving this car is as fun as driving it for the first time every time I get in it. Truly spectacular. Worth the extra 30 thousand dollars over the Corvette -- this thing has *soul*.

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A fine instrument

Kiwi, 05/08/2002
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I'll take hand-crafted aluminum over American plastic any day. As far as performance, too many muscle-heads are fixated on size. If you want cubes, get yourself a Caddy with an 8-liter V8. The NSX is a scalpel and the Corvette is an axe. To join the legions of macho men that have the world looking at your tail lights, buy the Vette. If you want every twist and turn in the road to be brought to life under your steering wheel and don't have the money for a Ferrarri, the NSX is for you.

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2 year follow up

Easygo711, 12/27/2006
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It's been 2 years and 17,000 miles since my last review of my 2002 NSX. This car has 28,000 miles on it and is amazing. I have not spent a cent on the car except for normal maintenance and an upgrade to a Comptec exhaust system. I didn't notice a change in performance, just a better exhaust sound. I just had an oil change and the tech said I still had 60% left on the brakes. There are no squeaks or rattles and everything works perfectly. I will need to replace the tires soon. The short throw shifter and 6 speed are a pleasure to drive. A tip of the hat to Acura and this car. It's no wonder that used NSXes hold their value.

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Excellence at a price

RPM217, 06/18/2003
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I came out of a 2000 C5 convertible, it was a great car, I wanted something different, this is clearly different. People ask me to compare the two, I tell them that the Vette was brute force, and the NSX is pure finesse. The torque advantage of the Vette is obvious, but the 0-60 times are not that different between the two. The NSX is so much more "tossable" and you don't feel close to the "limit" on the street. It's a blast, and people don't know what it is, even after 12+ years

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