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My Sports Car Replacement

V70 R AWD, 08/09/2007
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We are pleasantly surprised. We had to find a family vehicle to replace the not so family friendly 03 Porsche 911. My new replacement vehicle is a wolf is sheep’s clothing: fun, fast with room for our new addition (our daughter) and the family dog. I was not expecting the performance that is provided in this car from a Volvo, not to mention a wagon. As it stands now, I don’t even miss my beloved Porsche. Interior is well laid out and all functions are easy to operate. As for fuel mileage, average 26.1 mpg; this is higher than the 25 mpg advertised in every review I’ve read thus far. Love it!

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The Real Deal Rocket

drcjj, 12/04/2006
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Wow, I've had this car for 5 mos. and over 8K miles and it's only been in the shop for the 7.5k service, tire balance and a headlight aiming (set way too low for mountain driving). My previous car was a Porsche Cayenne S, always in the shop for visits, now I'm free to just drive, YAAY! My friends were curious why, well it's way faster, better gas mileage, equal brakes (Brembo) and the controls for HVAC and audio actually make sense at a glance. As for driving, I've enjoyed the glaring looks from hot rod sounding mustangs etc. I stay with them as they grind and wail along attempting to show off a bit. My V70R just makes this humming sound, not very impressive I guess. I Love it!

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One of the best turbo wagons out there

Feh, 05/05/2008
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Very nicely styled, stands out from the average V70. Nice Pegasus 17" rims. Very good inline-5 turbo, twin-intercooled engine. Smooth 6-speed auto transmission. Adjustable continuously control chassis concept suspension is great: click, and you are in comfort mode, another click, and suspension fully tightens. Amazing! Excellent 4-piston Brembo brakes all around. Thick rimmed, sporty steering wheel. Leather-wrapper everywhere. One of the most comfortable seats I've had in a car. HU-850 unit is awesome, Nav unit is OK.

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A blast to drive!!!!

Peter, 04/17/2006
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This car has put the "fun" back into driving....and at a reasonable price. I shopped around a ton before buying my 2006 V70R. Nothing else came close! If you want lots of room without the SUV size,if you need safety, quality, speed, handling, this car is it. There are a few negatives though. Front bumper clearance is a concern everytime I park. The ride can be a jarring at times...price to pay for a "sporty" suspension, even in comfort mode. but the thing that bugs me the most is the turning radius. It's huge. I knew all of this going into this relationship. Bottom line. I love this car. Leaving an Acura TL/BMW 3 series at a light wondering what just happened is priceless!!!!

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One of the best!

Phil Corray, 10/11/2005
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Easily one of the best cars I have ever driven! I am an enthusiast who has owned and driven everything. If you're to buy this car, you're getting $65,000 of quality for 40. If you're the kind of person who likes to have something that is all about quality and also shows complete thoughtfulness without wanting to impress anyone but yourself, this is the car for you. Its a car that can easily be put on a track and later cart your wife, kids and the dog home as well.

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