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Very Good Car

Jay Bee, 11/07/2010
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Had my V40 for 8 years, 120K miles. It is a great sport wagon. Excellent cargo room, comfortable for my family of 4. Handles well and was my 50 miles a day commuter averaging 26 mpg mixed driving. Expensive to service but there were no major problems in 8 years. Burns through headlights and bulbs. Don't know why. All over the internet but dealers claim ignorance. My 16 year old just inherited it. Safe, runs great, expect another few good years from it. Over all a good purchase new, and if taken care of, worth the blue book value used. Maybe even undervalued in blue book if clean and taken care of. Just keep after those damn bulb changes.

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Very happy Volvo owner

jk, 11/22/2008
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This is my first Volvo, and I bought it used two years ago. It replaced a Honda Civic. So that's the car to which I compare my V40. As noted, I bought the car two years ago. I haven't replaced a headlight yet. The windshield does need to be replaced, but living in Wyoming means high winds and sanded roads will affect a windshield negatively. I wish the fuel economy were better, but who doesn't? The cargo room is just about perfect. The seats are comfortable, and the ride is very quiet. (Perhaps it's my tires.) In fact, given the choice between taking our newer Subaru or the Volvo on a 2,000 mile round trip road trip, we decided on the Volvo. This won't be my last Volvo!

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mel_e, 02/02/2011
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My car has 114K miles and still runs great. It definately burns through headlights as other reviewers have noted. I had some electrical? issues a short time ago, my mechanic thought there may have been a recall but the volvo mechanics said not. The dealership mechanics are the problem. apparently I needed new sparkplugs and the head gaskets cleaned. I think they just didn't want to reimburse me for the THREE sensors that needed to be replaced within one month of each other, if its an electrical issue they're supposed to refund your money. Regardless, I love my V40. Also, when i got it i got 32 mpg. after disconnecting the computer, it now gets 26+ but i drive more in town now so...

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Goodbye Old Paint

Victor the Volvo, 08/31/2009
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I just traded in Old Vic aged 98,000 miles. I have read other reviews and found them unappreciative. First, you need never be ashamed to pull up in a Volvo, no matter where, no matter how small. Second, although maintenance wasn't cheap, it was great at my local Volvo Dealer - Coast of Sarasota - very professional and thorough. Third, this car was gas-efficient and capable of carrying a number of dogs, cargo, and other assorted living/inert objects with grace. Fourth, it was comfortable. You sank into the seats, not on top of them. A million organized cubbyholes for all your junk are provided. It's a nice, sane, well- planned ride. Great visibility. I hope you enjoy it.

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Vord not what Expected from the Swedes

arad, 11/29/2008
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I loved this car when I bought it. I believed in the Volvo reputation of long-life and reliability. Honestly, I thought I'd found my match for life. It handled well and was very comfortable. Had this car for about a year before experiencing major problems with overheating. Dealership repair visits 4x over the next year until, at 112K mi, the vehicle overheated one last time, the head gasket blew out and the turbo charger wanked. $5000 in repairs! If you can find one of these cars still on the road, I'd be surprised. I haven't seen one in about 1 1/2 years. You might not see it in the dark though, because they burn through lamps like crazy. Also, expect to replace brakes frequently.

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Just a review

Alex Makhanko, 04/20/2002
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The best car I have ever had

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I'm driving a 'Vord'

Vord owner, 12/11/2003
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The good is overshadowed by the bad: Brakes @ 15K miles, windshield @ 12K, cruise control / headlights @ 24K, tires @ 25K. Worst was thermostat @ 25K. Dealer flushed the system to find "peanut butter" like substance. Dealer says this is "bars leaks" (never heard of it). Dealer says this was added and is reason for thermostat failure. The car has been serviced by 3 volvo dealers only! All deny adding this. It could impact the radiator, new thermostat, and my warranty. Volvo of North America will do nothing! From my experience with the manufacturer, dealer, and car it's clear that I bought a Vord. Stay away from this vehicle, it will only disappoint you.

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Never Again!

akaslick, 03/22/2004
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After first year of ownership, every week, 1 or 2 light bulbs go out! Thank gawd for the warranty! Very inconvenient. The car is expensive to maintain. The car doesn't hold value like the other volvos. I was told otherwise. It's funny that when I brought my car to the dealer for the 30k service, the 2 people in front of me were complainig about the problems they were having with their cars. They don't make'em like the early 80's 240DL's anymore. Too bad!! I'll never buy another!

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End of Lease Review

Graham, 03/21/2005
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There were 3 areas of disappointment I had with this vehicle: 1)excessive brake pad wear, 2)poor quality original tires, and 3)expensive maintenance costs. The interior quality was good, almost excellent. When the car was new, it felt like a struggle to get it up to 65-75 mph, but now that it has over 50k miles, it flies! So the power and acceleration improve with age! Too bad I am returning it.Volvo has got to do something to compensate owners for the poor brake pad wear, they won't admit that there is a problem.The OEM Continental tires would not stay inflated properly.Also had 2 flats.Upgrade to Michelins required tires rated to 150 mph! Expensive. Why Volvo?!

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Saved my daughter's life

meonly, 03/14/2008
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My daughter totaled my first V40, hit on 3 sides, air bags inflated, went airborne across 4 lanes of traffic and hit by 3 cars. Not a scratch on her or her friend. I didn't think such a light weight car would have its occupants survive an accident like that, neither did the paramedics. Thank you for that. I am a volvo owner for life. Waiting for the xc60, that will be my fourth volvo.

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