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qbk2205, 08/30/2014
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I bought the car new and it currently has 90000 miles on it. Last year the fuel pump exploded. Dealership replaced it, saying it was under warranty at 70000 miles. The warranty is 3 years, 36000 miles, whichever comes first. Makes me think VW knew there was a potential problem with the fuel system. Last week we replaced the turbo at a cost of $2600. This one is most irritating, because while under warranty I told the service department how the car hesitated at initial acceleration and they responded with it was due to the double clutching action of the transmission. Liars. We did not expect VW to be of such poor quality

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Long term value

javoice, 11/29/2011
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Let's see what I should say about this car: with $10,000 HPFP failures, sunroofs which doesn't close, doors which doesn't shut right, intercooler's which ice up in cold weather, rear cupholders which get stuck even after dealer fix it and more Fact: no car is perfect but also the fact is how many cars are out there which can devlep a mechanical failure which cost more than 1/3 of the price of the car to fix it? Another sad fact is the company which doesn't take responsibility to admit to the problem and blames the poor quality fuel. It is not like that the fuel quality was good here before! I made a mistake to buy one. That's all! READ VW FORUM

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Nice car, but clutch failure at 22,280 miles?!?

jeremycarguy, 07/02/2014
TDI 4dr Sedan (2.0L 4cyl Turbodiesel 6M)
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I purchased the 2011 VW Jetta TDI with the manual 6-speed transmission in January 2011. The car had significant problems at first with stalling. After a couple of tries, the dealership replaced the air mass meter which improved it significantly. At 22,280 miles, the clutch disk disintegrated. VW claims that his was normal wear and tear. However, on a previous car (87 Volvo 740T) I got 210,000 miles on the clutch. I know how to drive a clutch. I am a former licensed master auto mechanic, this is clearly a materials failure, and VW will not stand behind their product. They have lost a good customer and somebody who had been a good advocate for VW in the past. Update July 2016: In June 2016, the glow-plug warning light started flashing, the engine lost power, and then started making a loud clattering noise. Had it towed in to the dealer, and the high-pressure fuel pump had disintegrated internally, sending small shards of metal throughout the fuel system. They had to replace the entire fuel system (injectors, fuel distributor, hoses, filter, pumps) and flush out the fuel tank. Apparently this has been a fairly common problem as VW has a warranty extension for this to 10 years 120,000 miles. So VW paid for this repair, which at full retail would have been $7,000 to $8,000. My takeaway from this is that VW got the price point down on this car by engineering the car with no slack - a clutch which was too weak for the engine, a fuel pump which was cheaper than what was required for longevity, etc. What else would go wrong with this car if I kept it? Although the car drives well, I am now happy that VW will be buying it back due to the emission controls scandal. January 2017: Between June and Septempber 2016, the ring gear became misaligned on the flywheel (aftermarket, see above), and the dealer wanted $3,000 to install the factory clutch and dual-mass flywheel. I got a replacement ring gear from the 3rd party manufacturer, and paid a good mechanic to install it. Then, the A/C stopped working. Finally, in January 2017, VW bought the car back from me, so I'm done with it. Thank goodness!

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2011 TDI Jetta Sportwagen 6m

Licensed in '72, 10/19/2010
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Have only driven the car once since we picked it up last night but test drove 2010 and 2011 6m and DSG. Settled on the 2011 6m with nav, panoramic sunroof and protection packages. This will be the wife's car and was the perfect fit for her and our family. The wife is even reading the owner's manual like her Kindle. A first. Really test drove the cars the way they should be driven which really startled the salesman. Felt like the DSG was driving me but a vast improvement over past autos in the TDIs I've owned but the manual is still the way to go. The leatherette seats are better than leather for maintenance and the accoutrements are almost overwhelming. An amazing ride and value.

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2011 Jetta TDI 6 spd MT

mike18040, 03/28/2011
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I have owned my Jetta for 2 weeks and absolutely love it. I read the Edmunds review prior to purchasing and I don't agree that VW has made a cheaper car. I owned a 2006 TDI and also loved that car, but I believe the 2011 is even better. The interior is wonderfully designed and high quality compared to many other cars. The 6 spd manual is silky smooth and fun to drive. It handles like it's on rails. The fuel mileage is unbelievable for the power that you get too! The leatherette seats are of very high quality and look great. Overall, this car is worth every penny and is not cheaply built in any way. It seems like it should cost a lot more.

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