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Fun to drive between repair shops

caro2012, 10/17/2012
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I bought my 2001 GTi with 25,000 miles on it and put another 105,000 miles on it over the course of 5 years. While it was comfortable to drive and had nice styling, the car completely lacked reliability. In the 5 years that I owned it, these are the things that broke or degraded prematurely: PCV tubing Ignition coils Ignition coil wiring harness (degraded insulation) Timing belt (replaced at 50,000) Clogged oil pick-up tube Radiator fan (broke) Coolant flange (degraded, leaked) Drivers side seat belt clip (bad sensor) Automatic transmission (failed at 100,000; rebuilt and failed again at 130,000) Broken, leaking axle at 130,000 Leaking power steering pump Cam tensioner Belt tensioner

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Love It

md_medic, 01/05/2014
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I have wanted an MKIV since they came out. I bought a 2000 in 2012 and was in a total collision 3 weeks later. The other girl went to the hospital I walked away without a scratch. As a former mechanic and mobile electronic technician I can tell you the build quality on this car is amazing. It is extremely safe. The only drawback to the car can be the cost of parts. This is one place where is does not pay to cut corners. There are a huge number of aftermarket companies out there that make replacement parts but when they charge $35 for a part that VW charges $350 there is a reason. With this car you basically get an AUDI in a VW wrapper. Most of the parts are interchangeable.

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Reliability, Build, and style

connor7, 08/24/2014
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I bought my MKIV almost a year ago, and cannot sell it to any offer. Between its peppy engine and reliability, I love it. The 1.8t has been nothing but good news, but be warned..Know how to drive and maintain these cars or you will have issues. I put 40k on it in the past year for work and school, going 100+ on most highway journeys, bringing it to 236k. Besides the belt changes done by the previous owner, it's needed very little work. No oil leaks or power loss, or tranny problems yet. The trannys usually cant pass 150k but I guess im lucky. A con is the materials used in the interior. Headliner falling, door panel upholstery falling off, and finish fade. Numerous modifications available

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Ups and Downs

JT, 12/08/2009
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I bought the car in desperate need of a way to get to work, didn't really research it. The performance is good and bad. The turbo is great, very fun, but the engine sometimes jumps when I try to give it gas at lower speeds. Interior is cheap, I've already had broken lights, switches, and compartment handles. Its also too easy to leave scratch marks on interior parts, just rub your fingernail and bits of black dust come right off. I only average at about 23 mpg which is pathetic. Note to all buyers, solve these performance problems with a manual, not automatic. Alternator keeps giving out at 40000 miles too, not sure about that..

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Great idea, terrible execution

das26_2, 09/21/2004
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The car could be one of the best for a small sporty cars. My car has been in the shop 12 TIMES for ignition coil problems and there has been little to no satisfaction from Corporate. This is my 4th VW and by far the one with the most problems. The coils will have you in the shop every couple months and the service is terrible.

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