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The best fun I ever had

dukeofyork, 02/22/2011
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Was weary reading reviews of complaints . Understanding that this is a very technical design challenge to create a functioning hardtop convertible. When you first see the top go down and my friends are astonished still, and anyone that has ever seen it do it is impressed. With the engagement of the lever The windows drop the sunroof goes back the trunk opens up the opposite way, rear window goes and the top into the truck it closes up then the rear deck has a beautiful fit and finish. My autistic 27 year old son said cool transformer, This is a very impressive car 200 hp turbo this car jumps the transmission is art in movement. Will pass a car lnstantly faster then my V8 4bl. carb chevy.

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Delightful Ride

stan3010, 11/20/2010
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I went to the VW dealer in Denver to check out a Jetta TDI Sportswagen and stumbled on the EOS. That was it. Drove it home that day. The ride is surprisingly comfortable. Very peppy 2.0L Turbo moves this convertible coupe along confidently on the freeway. I get 30+ mpg overall in my daily commutes which are 90% highway miles. In city driving, 27-28 mpg. This is my sole vehicle. My wife loves it. Audio system is suprisingly good & I added a Kenwood Nav deck. I've owned my CPO EOS for 4 months now. Only problem was the cruise switch repl under CPO warranty. Trunk space is decent with the top up. I have to raise the top to retrieve items under the cargo limit partition.

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volkswagen07, 05/22/2012
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I have been readuing reviews that have concerns about the window leaking. I bought my 2007 Eos in June of in my 2003 Passat. First let me say, I live in the desert along the Colorado River, where in the summer it reaches 120 degrees, adn I drive my Eos with the top down for 9 months out of the year. Here is what I have found... If you look in you manual, you will see that if you go thru the automated care washes, it voids the warrenty on the top. The rubber seals on the roof will start to leak due to the high pressure sprayers in automated care washes, and also if you do not oil the rubber seals, the same thing can happen. I bought the oil from the dealership, and do it

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Fun Car

Steve, 12/05/2006
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I got my Eos yesterday. It is the first 3.2 I could find in South Florida. I paid about $42,000 for it (MSRP) with bells/whistles. The top motion is as cool as reported. It's fun to drive; very responsive and has lots of umph. I did not test the 2.0 so can't compare to that. I got the Eismeer Blue which is much nicer looking than on my computer. I was gonna get the thunder or paprika but now love the Eismeer. It has a great stereo with Sirius on the premium audio option. Also, it has a sport pkg. and navigation pkg. This car is really an eye-catcher. The only other comparable car that's a hard top convertible 4 seater (this really can seat 4 adults not terribly uncomfortably) is a Volvo (and looks like a Volvo). I was pleased to grab this car as I had been looking for weeks and this was first that I have found.

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Still having fun!

kudzu71, 02/11/2013
2.0T 2dr Convertible (2.0L 4cyl Turbo 6AM)
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I bought my 2007 Eos Lux used three years ago and have never regretted it. I love the way it feels on the road and the interior looks great and it laid out very well. Considering the car is 5 years old I haven't really had any major problems with it. I had the timing belt done at 70K miles which is a bit early because it was in for a recall issue and they had the engine apart already. That saved me some $$$. Roof leaks often come up when talking about the Eos and I experienced them as well. I had a small leak at the A-pillars that turned out to be due to a disconnected drain. It was an easy fix and the car has been dry ever since.

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'07 Volkswagon Eos

cindy, 10/24/2006
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Overall, this car is satisfactory. I had an '06 Toyota Solara and traded it in for this car since it had a hard top. The sunroof, when open, is deafening even with the wind shield. Also, my car has an air leak in the window on the driver's side, but Volkswagen won't address it since it is a convertible.

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Eos Experience to Date

spaceinvader, 01/24/2007
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The 2.0L turbo engine is powerful, but thirsty on fuel. The sports suspension is great on smooth roads, but the car "rattles" and the chassis flexes on other roads that are not flat.. I had a dead battery after two weeks, and the dealer could find no reason as to what caused it. The climate control system failed after three weeks. There was a one week delay in waiting for parts. This car has lots of internal condensation, i.e. window dripping with water. I found the spare wheel well full of water, due to faulty welded joint in the body panels behind the left hand side rear light cluster. My Eos has been off of the road for eight days while the dealer finds / fixes the water problem. VW customer service not interested in my problems.

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Avoid this Vehicle

bswansen, 04/13/2012
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I purchased my 2007 2.0L EOS in December of 2006 and have been relatively happy up until now. At 72K miles the cam shaft sheered off and required a replacement of the cylinder head. The VW service rep also recommended a timing chain and water pump replacement. $6000 later I have my car back. The AC unit also "blew up" and I had to replace the entire system (condenser, evaporator, etc...) Another $2000 (not at the dealer this time. After paying 20% of the original purchase price after only 72K miles, what used to be my favorite car ever has become an albatross. BTW, if you do buy one,l don't let VW dealers service it after the warranty expires. My experience with several dealers sucks!

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4th VW, won't buy another one

ericnjodie, 12/12/2011
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i've owned 3 Jettas and have always liked VW. that is until i traded in my 2008 Jetta for an 07 EOS. i've had the car only a year and have had 3 different services for leaks and window switches, etc. now that it is cold outside, the water is now freezing in the inside of the windows because of the water leaks. it seems no matter how many times i get the "windows adjusted" it keeps leaking. i'm taking it back and will not be buying another VW unless the dealership takes care of me. thank god i bought the extended warranty when i got the car. i would recommend anyone brave enough to buy one of these to get the extended warranty.

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Takes Your Breath Away!

red , 12/11/2006
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I just purchased my Eos this weekend after thinking about it for several months. What a waste of time! I absolutely love this car. The Eos is well designed and rides like a sports car. Its suspension is better than the one of my previous BMW 330CI with the M-suspension. The Eos' 6-speed automatic transmission is outstanding and the shifters on the steering wheel are great...speeding tickets here I come. This car has is no rattling and no quality issues whatsoever. Open or close the top and you will be the talk of the town. It even has a sunroof in the convertible top - thats just the icing on the cake! Volkswagen really did some benchmarking and incorporated the best of its competitors' features. Did I mention I love the car?

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