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"Still lovin it"

Wayne, 11/26/2015
4dr Wagon (2.7L 4cyl 6A)
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I bought this car new in Sept. 2010. No problems over 138 K miles (mostly freeway) Excellent mpg as per sticker info. Highest road mileage 33 (actual not computer) results mostly flat driving but some long hill climbing. Consistently gets 28 to 29 mpg highway, 22 city. The 4 cylinder has plenty of power for long climbs and passing and transmission does not hunt for a gear while climbing hills like my Honda did. In reference to the ride quality comments by most here, I notice the car rides much better when loaded with more weight than when it's just me driving. Seems to have SUV like suspension. (stiffer) This car is still on the original set of breaks. My mechanic says they have more than 80% remaining. Seating is excellent for large and tall people and the seats have great support. Cons: Poor rear compartment lighting as others have stated. I added a light to the side wall. Back light for radio info is impossible to see in bright day light and the dash light dimmer knob feels sooo cheap and is awkward to use compared to my Honda and Camry. ( why did you do that Toyota?) Other con: Bluetooth very poor quality sound. (I don't use it as no one could understand me) Over all this has been a great car hope to get a full 200 K out of it. I Wish Toyota were still making them. (almost bought a Chevy Equinox but because it's made in Canada and the Venza was made in Kentucky..I bouoght the USA made car). Good job Georgetown. (: Update 5/31/2018. Now at 150K miles. Still on original set of brakes. No repair problems. Oil changes at 5 - 8 K miles. Tune up and transmission oil and coolant change at 100K. Still planning on 200K miles from Miss Venz. This one has been a great car. I maybe looking at a Highlander for a future replacement or maybe a very well maintained later model low mile Venza.

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A Pleasant Surprize

bbrimmer, 01/27/2011
4dr Wagon AWD (2.7L 4cyl 6A)
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I was looking for an AWD vehicle to replace the FWD Toyota Camry Hybrid (great car). the winter travel in New England has become too tough without AWD. I searched hard and had considered Volvo, Lexus and BMW crossovers. The Venza won hands down with all the features of the competition and a price tag of $10-12K less. Personally, I have always had good luck with Toyota. The Venza is very comfortable and drives like a car. My only question had been whether to get the 4 or 6 cylinder. Better gas mileage won out (after all I was driving a hybrid) and I am not disappointed with the amount of zip the 4 cylinder has.

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5,000 mile review

wollace1, 05/20/2011
4dr Wagon AWD (3.5L 6cyl 6A)
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I purchased this car in December of 2010 and now have about 5,000 miles on it. My wife wanted it mainly to haul her dogs and for trips back and forth to the cabin. For both purposes it is a good car; lots of cargo capacity (as much as an Outback), nice hatch opening and the seats lay flat (unlike the new Chevy Equinox). For dirt roads and bad weather the AWD is great, plus the car has the clearance of an SUV without the sub-20 mpg. On average, we get about 23.5 mpg in mixed driving. Oddly, it never gets over 24 on the highway, but we've only owned it in colder months and with lots of ethanol in the gasoline. The seats are comfortable, it handles great, looks great and is powerful

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Very Pleased

californiakid, 03/20/2012
4dr Wagon AWD (3.5L 6cyl 6A)
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People need to realize all cars have there potential problems, its part of owning a vehicle. If you look on here, there are only a few neg reviews, which are mostly prompted by an unhappy customer. They sold 48k Venzas in 2010. If you only have a few bad reviews on Edmonds, its a safe bet the car is fine in general. I perfectly happy with mine, not one problem. Poor ride quality could be attributed to air pressure in the tires. Too much pressure=stiff ride. My Venza is great. Never an issue. If your looking to buy a Venza don't let a few reviews affect your decision. If you find a vehicle on here that does not have one problem, let me know what it is, cause I want one.

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Luxury feel with great value

scenic26, 01/24/2011
4dr Wagon AWD (3.5L 6cyl 6A)
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After purchasing my 10 Venza V-6 base, I read several comments and reviews trashing winter driving. I have since experienced one of the worst winters in the NY area, and had more than 35 inches of snow in three weeks. I have to say that my Venza handled it with ease. I mean NO PROBLEMS AT ALL. I felt confident, and the Venza went through it all with ease on local streets and highways back and forth to work. Great styling, comfy ride, although a bit hard and noisy when going over imperfections on the road because of the low profile tires. I feel good driving such a stylish car, at such a reasonable price. I enjoy driving it as much as my mercedes benz.

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