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Solid since New

Bill, 01/30/2010
4dr Double Cab SR5 Rwd SB (4.7L 8cyl 5A)
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I purchased my tundra new in 2005. It has been regularly serviced and to date I have had no issues outside of regular maintenance. Currently I have 69,000 miles and still have the original Dunlop OEM tires. It is about time to replace, but not bad for a truck. The interior is "ok", but the drivetrain is as smooth as silk. Mileage could be better, but it is a truck. Love the Limited slip diff, as well as the roll down rear window.

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Great truck.

SP, 04/17/2010
4dr Access Cab Limited Rwd SB (4.7L 8cyl 5A)
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Bought new. Excellent quality, fit and finish. It looks and drives pretty much the same as new. Really enjoy driving it. One issue: Toyota dealers trying to "service" the truck far in excess of what's needed per the factory (examples: Toyota dealer in MDR, CA refused refused to do anything other than a "package" service with all sorts of costly extras; Toyota dealer in Burlingame, CA refused to replace front brake pads w/out machining the rotors despite the rotors being even and smooth). When that happens, find another Toyota dealer (example: the Toyota dealer in North Hollywood, CA was happy to do exactly what Toyota specified and no more -- saved me money and my truck runs great).

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Reliable, reliable, reliable. And comfy.

joe_kickass, 03/27/2014
4dr Double Cab SR5 4WD SB (4.7L 8cyl 5A)
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The best vehicle I've ever owned. Smooth, powerful, comfortable, and above all else, RELIABLE. Quietest cab I've ever ridden in. I've got 114,00 miles on this 8 year-old truck, some of which have been very hard miles. Like 2 yards of concrete in the bed kind of hard. (I've got air springs in the back, increasing payload and improving handling). There's not even a rattle in the cab after 8 years. Tight as a drum. This thing has never needed anything more than standard maintenance. Ford, GM, and Dodge can say they have the better rig, but read the comments on those used trucks on this very website. You won't want anything but a Tundra when you do. [non-permissible content removed] **UPDATE @ 150K MILES: Still a turnkey truck. Zero issues that weren't self-inflicted. Still exceptionally quiet. Truck is now 11 years old and no rust evident despite being in a road salt environment most of its life. Recently pulled 7000 lbs of trailer and equipment 1000 miles with it and it performed like a champ. Braking could have been better, but that's what you get with drums in the back. Only complaint at this point is the MPG could have been better with these engines. 17MPG highway at BEST isn't great for a "small" V8, particularly when Toyota's 5.7L with 100 more HP gets the same mileage. Progress, I guess.

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Last of the V6 Tundras

John Stanley Ho, 10/04/2018
4dr Access Cab SR5 Rwd SB (4.0L 6cyl 5A)
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The V6 is no slouch having as much horsepower as previous years V8's. The value is in the fuel economy with a solid 17 city and 20.5 highway miles. For me in Southern California, good highway mileage is essential. I needed the 6.2 ft bed for moving the longer outboard engines in my business. My towing is limited to boats weighing less than 2500 lbs. So the v6 is plenty good with decent power when necessary and the 5 speed auto trans is always looking to minimize rpms and maximize mpg. I figure the V6 saves me about $350 every 10,000 miles over the V8, so over 50,000 miles, $1750- nothing to sneeze at. All the while never lacking in power with 245 hp- 285 ft/lbs torque. Love the ride and the height of the truck. The simplicity of the bed and layout. The terrific accessible room in the engine bay with the V6. The bigger interior front seating with the possible 3 person bench seat makes it feel old timey comfy! I bought mine used in 2018 and the frame looks new like it was replaced under warranty. Love 4.0 V6 since it has a timing chain and no need to worry about timing belt replacement. Engine mighty smooth. Did transmission flush with synthetic fluids at 88,000, since it was recommended to establish a new baseline for maintenance. Was originally going for a V6 Tacoma, but Tundra bigger and SR5 Access moidel 2005 only 300-400 lbs heavier so Tundra it is. Tremendously satisfied with this truck. Some say its a 7/8th full size pickup. To me a perfect cup of tea. Now 20,000 later, still very satisfied. A great truck that does everything well. Now that so many new trucks are V6 powered I don't feel like an outlier. The gas mileage is only 1 mpg less than my old trusty Volvo rear drive wagon that I drove until 445,000 miles. I am hoping for 300,000 with this. And if the starter ever goes out on the V6 its so much easier to change out than the V8 Tundra. Again, love there is no timing belt to ever worry about. 2 years gone, 25,000 miles and smooth sailing. Can pull a 3000lb boat no problem. Tight and nice. Did put Bilsteins on and like the dampened springiness. Upscale replacement headlamp assemblies that were first rate and crystal clear really made an improvement in appearance and lighting. Great truck. Only criticism is the Sheetmetal dents and creases very easily. But it rolls great. Outstanding value

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Can Not Find a Better Bang For Your Buck Even Used!

shodon_main, 06/20/2015
4dr Double Cab Limited 4WD SB (4.7L 8cyl 5A)
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Wow! I knew that Toyota had one heck of a reputation when I purchased this truck used with 40,000 miles on it but now I am a true believer sitting here with almost 100K on the odometer. This thing is built like a rock! I have driven it from Colorado to South Padre Island and back hauling 4 buddies and our gear. I have towed heavy loads from Colorado to NY, NY to OK, OK to AZ and never had so much as a hick-up with this thing! It is very comfy and can easily seat 5 grown men. I am not afraid to go off-road with this vehicle as I know it can stand up to some punishment. I have had to perform nothing but routine maintenance since purchasing. It is very easy to take care of.

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