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Real Pleasure to own

GWS, 12/17/2004
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After having my MR2 now for over a year, I still have that desire to just find a reason to drive it. It is so tight and easy to handle. The sequential transmission is just plain fun. I have physical problems with my legs and had given up on clutches some time ago. Now with the touch of a finger, I have the same wonderful sensational feeling of driver control. I have owned several Toyotas and have always been impressed with the quality of craftsmanship that is put into each vehicle that I've owned. When considering a sports car in this price range I was certain that nothing else could touch the dependability provided in this vehicle. If you don't test drive it you'll be sorry.

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If only it had suitcase capacity...

spicetrader, 11/28/2009
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A very fine car in many ways. Handles perfectly. Quite agile on corners. Driving it is a pleasure. Almost every time I enter or leave a parking lot, somebody tells me what a cool car it is. I have actually managed to carry driver and passenger with two bags of golf clubs behind the seats.

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Fabulous Car

Glenn Norris, 08/28/2009
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I've had a blast driving this car! It drives and handles like a bullet. I once had a 1965 GTO and this car is faster! It's best to have a daily driver in addition to this one because it doesn't have much storage space, but hay, who cares? I normally keep it in the garage and only drive it in warm weather with no rain. If you want to get a lot of attention, this is the one! The front end looks like a Porsche, but you have the quality of a Toyota. I told my son, he'll be inheriting this car. The car is extremely tight with no squeaks or rattles of any kind.

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Love This Car

slaurence, 10/08/2003
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Its a fun car to tool around in, not real good for long trips but if you can handle the lack of storage and just enjoy the ride with the top down and wind blowin in your hair music pumpin...its worth every penny i spend on it.

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2003 Spyder rocks!

tullymountain, 02/29/2004
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We have a green spyder with tan leather, just got it and it is a blast! I cannot get the smile off my face whenever I drive it. The car turns like on rails, acclerates like a little rocket and gets great mileage to boot. Only complaint is getting in and out with top up...pretty tight squeeze but once inside incredibly comfortable. Some may find this strange but my wife and I both agree that the car drives considerable better than the 2001 SLK convertable we used to have! Highly recommended.

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MR2 spyder

schutcher, 03/13/2004
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This is a fun car to drive. It handles curve like no other car i have ever driven. Unlike most other small sport cars it is a smooth ride. It does lack in power, I wish toyota would come out with the zz2 motor in it like what is in the Celica GTS. That would boost the horse power up 40.

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sports car

Mojobabee7, 09/10/2004
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I think this is a great car especially for students becuase it does not take much gas and you get alot of mph..great for traveling

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Dream Car

Anela, 07/16/2008
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The best car purchase I've ever made! Fun, fun, fun! Drive it everywhere, and always take the long way to get somewhere. Can't keep a tank of gas in it because I miss it if I don't put 50 miles a day on it (and I don't have a commute). I take it for all my grocery shopping (including Costco) and am not the least embarrassed about groceries riding shotgun. I typically get 30 mpg in mixed (mostly city) driving, and would probably get better if I could prevent myself from having so much fun while driving. Got 34 mpg driving from Mountain View to Fresno once (a steady 80 mph--don't tell the CHP).

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mr2 fun

sharon koelsch, 08/02/2008
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This car is a blast to drive, fun, fun great gas mileage, not very many on the road and get a lot o looks from other drivers. Most think it is a Porsche. I love driving it every day. It is just a fun car all around.

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Lots of fun but only for fun

erysipelothrix, 08/17/2008
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We bought the MR2 from the original owner with 25,000 miles. My wife really wanted one. It is a great car overall but absolutely not practical. Hardly any more room than a motorcycle. I take my daughter to school on the way to work. With my laptop bag, her and me, not much room for anything else. Strictly a car for cruising.

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