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Amazing value in one little car

kevinmscott, 09/30/2013
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Bought an 02 S model about 3 years ago. Abused by original owners and left for dead. Our friend at the junkyard for it working in a jiffy. My first car, college car, put some 40k long and hard freeway miles on it (it's at 180k now), replaced transmission, struts, manifold and a wheel baring, but it has never broken down on me or failed to start. I've driven it through hot Vermont summers and freezing Maine winters. This is the car I walk out to every morning and thank the Lord for. It is a car I am truly satisfied with.

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I believe this car helped save my life....

kdblossom, 12/20/2010
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I just totaled this car on 12/15. The car looked terrible (with damage on 4 sides). The state trooper called it a rollover but it was more of a toss around. I impacted at least 3 different times before I stopped. The car landed on the drivers side and I still can't figure out why it did not land on the roof. I walked away sore and with a bruise on my leg. The state trooper(with 20+ years experience) was amazed that I did. This car has truly proven itself in a real world crash... car has truly proven itself in a real world crash....

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Perfect for a college student!

joejoezz, 05/28/2010
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We bought a a Corolla with 120,000 miles on it and now have it up to 136,000. So far, we have only done routine maintenance, although I recommend watching the brakes closely. It burns a little oil but nothing major. Combined gas mileage is around 28 in the winter and 35 in the summer. The car's size is its best feature for living in the city: it drives well for such a tiny car and it is easy to parallel park into tiny spots. You just have to watch out because sometimes big SUVs don't see it.

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This car is awesome!

turtlelady, 05/30/2014
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I bought my Corolla in 2009 with just under 72k miles on it. I had a few issues at first but had it VERY thoroughly inspected (every nook & cranny) and found out the issue (the rear brake drums had never been turned), fixed it, and haven't had a lick of trouble since. The car currently has 117k miles on it and runs like a dream. It had it's first tune-up last summer and that improved the mpg by 4, so now it gets about 36 on the highway. I plan on driving it until it finally dies. It's economical, reliable, mechanically sound, and is just an all-around great car!

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Old 'Rolls.

jayqohardd, 02/04/2012
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When receiving this car as a gift at 16 years old from my mother I had never been so excited! Ever since then I have drove the car & I am now 21, & the car will be with me until it won't run anymore. From my first accident to the second one, to forgetting to change the oil, to a deer or three, to the three original hubcaps that are left, my corolla has never ever let me down. I have ran on empty far too many times than imaginable, and have never once ran out of gas. Dependable when I definitely need her to be. She is so reliable that we have named her "Old Rolls." because no matter the situation she rolls through anything. (corny I realize.)

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