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Best car I've ever owned

NoahAZ, 02/02/2019
LE 4dr Sedan (2.5L 4cyl 6A)
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My father used to work at GM (ironically at the Fremont plant, which became a joint GM/Toyota venture, and is now the Tesla plant) way before I started driving, and in his hate of all things GM, we had Datsuns/Nissans for years. Then the French took over Nissan and they never made a decent transmission again. We went through 4 transmissions on one Sentra in a matter of three years, and my mom said, "I'm DONE! I'm getting a Corolla!" That was in the mid-2000s. Since then, we've liquidated the Datsuns/Nissans we had a combined 2 million miles on, and started buying Toyotas about 15 years ago. The original Corolla is an "extra" car for emergencies. It has about 250,000 miles with no repairs. I had a Scion tC that I rolled on black ice in 2009. The integrity of the car saved my life. It was built like a tank. Now my mom has a RAV4 and I have a 2010 Camry, which we bought about a month apart. We're still driving them. My Camry hasn't had a single problem except the two front struts just started to leak a few months ago. That's hardly surprising, though, because I live in the mountains and drive on rough roads. Toyota's philosophy of "zero defects" has been proven to us in practice.

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Update after 2yrs. of ownership

piratemorgan, 10/21/2011
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The Camry has done it's job for me and the Mrs.. We're still not tired of it, as we were with our Impala's at this point in ownership. Build quality has been excellent, no rattles, no problems, one recall (floor mat). A great experience. I do have one complaint that I can forgive, and hope it's fixed in 2012 model, the transmission. Very awkward city and country road driving, constantly "hunts" for gear, refuses to "coast", downshifts or upshifts at precisely the wrong time. If you ease into the gas it shifts within a few feet and drops you into a sluggish 2nd gear in an attempt to save fuel I guess. But alas, the "tricks" it's doing doesn't help that much in mpg's. We'll live with it.

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2500 mile update - 30.8 miles per gallon

jpr, 09/12/2009
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Would like to share thoughts after driving this 2010 Camry LE 4 cylinder, 6 speed auto for apx. 3 months and 2500 miles... am very pleased with the "everyday" gas mileage (mixed driving, freeway commute to work and city driving for errands) 30.8 mpg. Fantastic for the space and size of this vehicle. The transmission seemed to be "learning" my driving style the first week or two, then has smoothed out beautifully...I think this is typical of most modern transmissions. Very pleased with driving this car in the rain, very secure and the wipers are the best of any vehicle I have driven...small detail but may be important to someone thinking of purchasing this vehicle who often drives in rain.

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Issues with Acceleration

n2b, 09/17/2010
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This is my 7th Toyota, and a 3rd Camry. In spite of the news about unintended acceleration incidents I bought the Camry because of my past experience with Toyota's reliability. I found the 2010 models acceleration to be most uncomfortable and practically unusable. The response to the pressure on the accelerator pedal was a step up jerk rather than a ramped up response.It was a nightmare in stop&go traffic. The shop manager revealed that the pedal assembly from Toyota's US vendor was the ones needing the modifications to solve the pedal recalls. The Japanese Nippon Denso made pedals were of different design and were recall free. Did a special order with the latter - problem solved. All is well

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Tire alignment problems

ken, 11/16/2010
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I bought this Camry 14 months ago and put almost every mile on it and really baby it. Since before 10,000 miles I started hearing tire noise. After having checked the tire dealer who said I had no warranty,Toyota ck and said the front end and rear alignment were out,I have never had to align a new car EVER.The tires are Bridgestone made for the Camry. This is my umpteenth new car, never have I ever had a problem, lucky me I guess. I traded a 09 corolla with a very similar problem.

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