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Used 2010 Toyota Camry Consumer Reviews

4.3 out of 5 stars
200 reviews

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5 out of 5 stars

215,000 miles and going strong

J. Cop, 02/18/2016
2010 Toyota Camry XLE 4dr Sedan (3.5L 6cyl 6A)
117 of 122 people found this review helpful

I'm not your typical highway-only driver. I live in the country on dirt roads. I drive this car hard and fast. It gets driven through mud and down dirt roads every day. When I finally make it onto the highway, I drive it at least 60 miles a day and usually closer to 120 miles a day. I bought this car used with 25,000 miles on it. I now have 215,000. The only thing I've done other than oil and tires is fix one thing (I can't remember what it was called) that cost me $200. I did that around 200,000 miles. It came with a lot of warranty but I never had to use it. I drove the miles out pretty fast because I drive a lot. The only problem I have is my road is terrible so I wear tires out pretty fast. I get mud on the inside of the tires and they wear unevenly sometimes. But, that is not the cars fault. I have had two deer hit the car on the drivers side. It did some cosmetic damage, but the car held firm on the road and no passengers were injured. So, it can take a hit and keep on trucking. The last hit was pretty hard. I never hit my breaks because I didn't see it coming. So, the air bags did not deploy and were not needed. It was a large buck. Took out most of the front, drivers side. But, I'm still driving it. The insurance company says it will cost more to fix it than it is worth so that tells you the damage. I think this car is amazing. And, if I can drive it off-road, you should be fine driving it on paved roads. :) Even after 5 years of a hard life, it still handles great, the interior is great (2 kids later). All the bells and whistles still work - windows roll up and down, AC works, etc. I have had to add some freon the last couple of summers..but other than that the AC has worked great. If I were being overly picky, my only complaints would be...I don't like the USB connection location. It is hard to get to. And, it doesn't charge when the car is off. It does have cigarette lighter chargers that are better located. But, the fuze went out and I haven't replaced it. Tthe charcoal gas emissions thing is malfunctioned and makes it hard to pump gas. The pump clicks off several times before i the car is full. This happened on my previous camry also. I think the canister is full of dirt. But, it is expensive to fix so I live with it. If you have the chance to purchase a 2010 Camry, do it. You won't regret it. Oh...I also average 25-32 mpg and I drive at least 75 mph because I'm in Texas and we do that here. :)

5 out of 5 stars
5 out of 5 stars
5 out of 5 stars
5 out of 5 stars
5 out of 5 stars
5 out of 5 stars
5 out of 5 stars
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4.63 out of 5 stars

Nice, Reliable, Comfortable, Economical

mcdawgg, 11/22/2011
2010 Toyota Camry 4dr Sedan (2.5L 4cyl 6M)
37 of 38 people found this review helpful

No complaints after 2+ years (20k miles), no trips back to the dealer for ANYTHING. Only the accelerator recall, which will never cause a problem unless you put one mat on top of another and/or you don't use the clips to secure the mat. If you read the owner's manual and use common sense, you have nothing to worry about. But the recall changes the accelerator pedal so it is "idiot" proof. There is ZERO evidence of unintended acceleration or problems with the electronics, according to NASA. Good job to all the folks in Kentucky that built this car, and I am happy to see that 85% of the parts are also from North America! As a bonus, I also own Toyota stock, so I share in the profits

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4.5 out of 5 stars

Great value

drcelica, 07/22/2012
2010 Toyota Camry LE 4dr Sedan (2.5L 4cyl 6A)
30 of 31 people found this review helpful

I've own my 2010 Camry LE I4 for 2.5 yrs and have 51K mile on her. This car is perfect for what it is, a comfortable daily commuter that's easy to maintain. I've taken lots of road trips in the Camry and it's perfect for the open roads. I've got as much as 36 mpg if I keep it at 70 mph but avg around 32 going 80. Neg. reviews about the trans keeps popping up but I've never had a problem with mine since I drive the car gently to keep the wear and tear down. Reliability so far has been perfect. I haven't gone to the dealer once for warranty repair. If you buy a Camry for what it is, a commuter car, you're going to be happy; just don't expect BMW handling.

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3.88 out of 5 stars

2010 Camry LE 2.5 automatic

rji1, 07/21/2012
2010 Toyota Camry LE 4dr Sedan (2.5L 4cyl 6A)
35 of 37 people found this review helpful

I bought this with 14000 mi and have put on nearly 6k of mixed driving. Having owned everything from economy cars to muscle cars I was not sure how I would feel about what many look at as an old mans car. Being a modestly priced car I was pleasantly surprised at the fit and finish. The interior although well designed, uses what seems to be low quality materials. Silver painted plastic is the choice over brushed aluminum. I quickly corrected this with a wood grain overlay kit. Safety is a big plus with the Camry and shows with it's safety rating. Front and side air bags, knee bag along and standard traction control and abs add to the security. This car exceeds my expectations.

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5 out of 5 stars

Still excellent

JonJon1223, 11/18/2010
2010 Toyota Camry SE 4dr Sedan (2.5L 4cyl 6A)
32 of 35 people found this review helpful

I LOVE my Camry SE. I do a lot of driving daily, mostly highway. I get 30+ mpg, the ride is comfortable and quiet, the seats are really nice, great stereo with XM radio. It's roomy and fun to drive. Don't believe all the negativity that appears here. It's mostly bogus. Camry is by far still above the Sonata, Accord, and Altima.

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