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Unbelievable quality!

reviewer, 03/11/2010
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OK: 440,000 Miles. Not one break down. Never stuck anywhere. Under $100 in repairs since day 1(repairs, not including maintenance of course). Yes, I do or have done all the maintenance on it. Which isn't too bad since it's a Toyota not a Cadillac. Gets 30 MPG at 85 MPH. Costs $400/year to insure (liability only of course)

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keeps on keeping on

roseygal, 04/13/2012
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I'm at the point where I have to decide if it's time to let go and the truth is I just don't want to! I can't even find a kbb value for a 1990, but mine still looks pretty good and only has 140,000. miles. It needs a little work now, but for 6 years I didn't put a drop of money into her, except oil changes. I was the second owner.

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the man

segelstrom101, 05/31/2011
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hello i picked up my 1990 toyota camry dx in november with 131,256 miles and boy am i impressed. lots of power good mpg and really comfortable. the heat blows like you couldn't believe and the ac is amazing. it definitely is what gave toyota the name it holds today. the only thing i have had to do in repairs besides the rust fixing is a gas line and a radiator but my yota is the man. i will be the last owner of this car i could never sell it. if you can find one i highly recommend you get it. thanx for reading.

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Solid, Reliable, Value.

Anthony, 09/01/2010
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I can't be more impressed with this little wagon, with over 200,000 miles, it feels like new. Interior is remarkably solid & high in quality. Modern cars have better styling but can't say better build and materials. Engine is still peppy. Give any car regular oil changed and it will go over 150,000, but this car I'm sure would go over 400,000. It feels that good, with very little repairs if any. I put on 15,000 miles and saw the odometer flip 200,000 miles and not one repair since owning it. Its a 1990 so its not going to have all the bells & whistles like today's cars but it gets the job done competently. I wasn't thrilled when I purchased it cause its old & quirky looking, now I love it.

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Only car I ever want

dave9090, 05/30/2014
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I am the second owner. Currently has 202,000 miles, bought it at 170,000. Best car I have ever owned. Cruises on the highway, solid build, supremely reliable. I wouldn't hesitate for a second to drive this car across the country, even with 200k on it. Even though it's an Arizona car and has been meticulously maintained by myself and the original owner, its condition is a testament to Toyota quality. Both interior and exterior literally look brand new, save for some slight paint fading from the strong sun here. All the power features still work flawlessly. Easy and inexpensive to work on. Nothing fancy, but I don't want to drive anything else.

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Kwak, 08/26/2010
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Looking to buy a reliable car? This car must be on your list. Find a decent one and buy it. My 20 yr old Camry will shame most cars half its age. They just don't make them like this anymore. Even newer Toyotas can't match the 2nd Gen's. reliability. But if you want "Lust, Passion, Soul" ..go else where, and bring your wallet. Proof that you can fall in love with a "boring" car. I would buy another one in a heart beat. My car is at 200,000 and betting it will go 10 more years and rack up over 300,000 miles easy. I just hope they'll still make parts when I do get to that milestone. A perfect car for low budget, student, first car, commuter. Excellent Value.

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Long Lasting Toyota

Nenron Giggleson, 02/16/2003
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I purchased a 1990 Toyota Camry LE Wagon in 1990. I just sold it and it was the best car I ever had. No trouble no crashes nothing. I drive to New York and back everyday and it never gave up on me. When I finally sold it, it had 240,000 miles on it. It was sad to let it go but I bought a new car.

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Fabulous Reliability

Richard8655, 12/25/2009
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Bought my 1990 Camry DX station Wagon brand new in 1990. Here it is now just starting 2010, and the Camry is going stronger than ever. A couple gripes. Rust around the wheel wells. Also rust-through at the lower front panels just before the front doors due to wet leaves getting in there, which over the years I never noticed until too late. In addition, there's some bluish smoke from the exhaust when starting up in the morning. I'm told this is because the engine seals dry up over time and oil leaks slightly into the cylinders. But absolutely no loss of oil and never have to top up, so not a big deal.

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Camry Wagon review

Margaret Boyarizo, 07/06/2002
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I've been mostly pleased with the Camry wagon. I'm only selling it because I need a bigger car. I have had to replace a few parts and because it's a Toyota, it's been expensive.

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Best Car

Clarence, 07/31/2002
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I've enjoyed this car better than any I've ever owned. Besides maintenance the only expense has been front brake rotors.

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'90 Camry-Best Car Ever

ced, 02/15/2003
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This has been the best car I have ever owned. It has been comfortable, reliable, and virtually a no-cost car. The only repairs have been brakes and at 70,000 miles a radiator. How could you want a better car?

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Still going!

BBRB, 12/04/2003
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It's now December 2003 and I am proud to say my Camry just passed the 217,000 mileage marker and she still runs great!

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The best car ever

Patrick32787, 12/09/2003
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I bought this car brand new in 1990. The car lasted forever without ever having anything wrong with it. I had 168,000 miles on the car when i slid off the road into a tree. I was doing about 30 and no injurys except a minor bruise. The car only had one problem. the ac went @ 140,000 on it. The car is comfortable and was drivin from ny to florida a bunch of times and was great. miss the car alot and wish toyota brought back the camry wagon.

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You cant beat this car

ROD/ASHLEY, 06/21/2006
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This car is the best, 4th owner close to 400,000 miles and still truckin. Pick up is great, rides great. Of course their are a couple problems like the axles will not stop breaking, the alternator keeps frying, but I mean come on its 16 years old what would anyone expect

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LE V6 Wagon, best used car I ever bought

Chris, 03/06/2005
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I bought this car from the original owner who took great care of it about 6 weeks ago. I have to say this is the best used car I have ever bought. I can't believe this car is 16 years old. I have owned newer cars that were not as "modern" as this feels. Solid as the day it was built. With only 130,000 miles it's still got a LOT of life left in it. It runs like new, looks great. Everything about the feel of this car is great.

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Just reliable

camrywelldriven, 03/16/2003
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Never left stranded by this car, have driven it all over the U.S. and to Canada, usually in long stretches. 10,000 in two weeks on time. Car always ready to go, V-6 strong, even when completely packed. Mileage consistent until recently dropping from 26mpg to around 20, but that's after 60,ooo miles in less than 3 years.

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