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Pretty good, but could be better.

kaitflower, 08/19/2011
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I traded in my 07 Impreza Outback Sport for the new Outback late last year. I loved my sport and I miss it. I need a larger car to drive myself, husband and 2 60 lb dogs between Ohio and California a couple times a year. I have 22,000 miles on her already with no major mechanical problems. As many people say:STEERING WHEEL. The shake. It's horrible. The process is horrible. Took the car in one day and the insisted that they evaluate the tires. Bad tire was the verdict. Replace it and have to drive 4000 miles right away. Nope, still there. Take it back in and they decide to do the replacement steering wheel, etc. Still not fixed.

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Dollar for Dollar it can't be beat

tupdog12, 04/22/2011
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I purchased a 2011 Outback Limited with the 3.6R engine for my wife. (Everything except Nav) After driving it from Maine to Oklahoma (home), I had to have my own Outback so I sold my 2010 Maxima and purchased another 2011 Outback Limited with the 3.6R engine except this time with nav. I frequently refer to my outbacks as Honda Accords with AWD, however much more practical. You can haul and carry a lot of stuff home from Lowe's. I have several suggestions for improvement (explained later) and have actually conveyed them to Subaru. (Probably will fall on deaf ears though, however I did receive a nice response.) Great vehicle and you can't go wrong.

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We love our outback and so do our dogs!

blackbird69, 07/18/2011
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We picked up our Outback on 12/1/10, the day we had the first "real" snow of the '10-'11 winter. The Outback was put to the test right away and was great all winter. It performed really well in snow and on icy roads. Gas mileage is great too. We were looking for a vehicle to haul our four dogs. The Outback has plenty of space for them. The ride, seating, and handling are as good or better than anything else we've owned. We're up to 10,000 miles and the more I drive this car the more I love it.

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Traded a Forester for an Outback

danwatson, 10/17/2011
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I bought a Forester 15 months ago when I moved to 8000 feet elevation. The Forester performed flawlessly through 55 feet of snow in a record winter. But, it's four cylinder engine and four speed transmission struggled at this elevation, especially in hilly terrain. And, it was just a bit too small. Since we were otherwise very satisfied, we traded it on an Outback with the 3.6 engine and 5 speed automatic. After 18,000 miles, we traded it for $2500 less than we paid for it and still got a good discount on the Outback. What a difference. The Outback has plenty of power and leg room. The Limited has very nice features. It's a good value compared to similar crossover vehicles.

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2011 Outback - from a high mileage driver

sallad75, 07/25/2011
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I have owned an '07 and '09 Outback prior to this 2011. I put on ~25k miles a year in all weather types (ND). The 2011 Outback rides great, has more room and does get better mileage than the previous 2 models. With just over 9k on the new car I am gettting 28-30 MPG on the interstate (77 MPH) and 33 MPG on the 2 lane roads (67 MPH) and in town 24-26 MPG. The car has great room, handles well and is a pleasure to drive. I have the premium model which adds some nice touches without going over the top. The clearence is great, especially in the snow we get up here. I also test drove a CX-9 when looking but found this a much better fit for our family.

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Can't get much better

goldentrv, 03/09/2011
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I had my Outback for five months. On the 28th of February I left Chicago, the day before the snow hit, for San Diego, so I missed the big snow. With our 100 lb Golden Retriever on a 6000 mile trip, the Outback not only gave us 29 to 30 miles per gallon at high speeds, it did it comfortably, This car handled the steep mountain roads with ease. It could use more power, but at no time did I feel compromised. You do forgett that it is a four cylinder, the cvt is great.

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Believe the hype!

2011subiefan, 07/14/2011
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If you are reading this, you are probably doing research. I have already put 1,000+ miles on my 2011 Outback and I can honestly say that it has been nothing but a pleasure. I used to own a 2000 Accord, but needed to upgrade for my growing family. We recently took it for a road trip from NYC to Lake George Village and the ride was firm and comfortable and the cargo space was sufficient. The only downside is the mp3 connection, which does not allow you to change songs. One other thing, I notice that the driver's side of the car rides lower than the passenger side. After analyzing the problem, I discovered it was all the cash in my pocket that I saved. Ha! Unbelieveable bargain!

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Dumbest design - headlights

Dave, 05/23/2016
2.5i 4dr SUV AWD (2.5L 4cyl CVT)
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I like my outback, except that the design for headlight replacement is probably the poorest engineering design I have ever witnessed in my life. You need to remove multiple fasteners to push back the fenders in order to access the headlight assembly, then fit your arm in the tightest area to remove the assembly cover, access the bulb, and do the whole thing in reverse. Absolutely the dumbest design ever. Subaru touts itself as an outdoor, adventure type vehicle, appealing to the "outback" kinda explorer...yet, headlights are not for show' but for safety, and thus should be easily accessible if ever the Indiana Jones in you is out and about after dark and needs to repair a blown bulb....just like changing tires, adding fuel' or changing a belt...all these things should be doable by the driver ( alone in the wild) not by the dealer.....bad juju all around!

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jasperdog, 11/13/2011
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Fabulous Mileage for a 3400lb SUV...better than my CRV by 20%!! Just put on my first 8,000 km (90%hwy/10% City) or 5000 miles by driving to calgary,salt lake, sedona,LA,etc and back to Vancouver,BC. I used AVERAGE 7.0 l/100km...that's 34 us mpg or 41 canadian mpg for 5000miles. At one point when I kept speed downto 60mph I averaged 39usMPG or 47 cdn MPG for 200 miles. Car is very comfortable with best leg room ever( 6, crv sucks in comparison) for long drives. Fantastic Car!!!Suggest you rename car as SUPARU

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I waited 60k miles before I wrote this review

gartho, 10/11/2014
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We bought it new...its had 2 recalls on it since new I believe. I replaced the front rotor and pads at 57k only because the rotors warped. The car is great...the factory tires stink...I swapped to Hankook and like them. I cant say anything bad about our subie...well yes the handling sucked when it was new and I put the rear sway bar on and now its great!. Soft ride...ok fuel numbers... I will not sell it as long as this keeps up. It can climb a Mtn in the snow...hard to believe...

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