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Budget BMW

Randy, 06/24/2009
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This car is fast!!! This car is also a gas sipper. In the fast department I ran a 14.3 @ 94.4 mph with a 2.0 sixty foot. Mind you, this was at 5,300 Feet!! I am just shy of 8,000 miles on the clock and am averaging 26.1 mpg and 29 - 31 on the highway. I live in Thornton CO so the all wheel drive is a must. No other car at this price point offers all that this car can deliver!

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First of many roadtrips

TheFirstRule, 07/23/2009
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Took the two week old Impreza on its first road trip. Nearly 1300 miles and pulled about 30 mpg the whole way. A/C worked great in 100+ degree heat. Clutch is still a little stiff, but that should loosen up after a while. I would highly recommend this car if you need an AWD. I live in Tahoe and can't wait to see how it does in the snow.

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Smooth, dependable commuter

Don, 07/29/2009
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I bought the Outback Sport after convincing myself this model was worth the extra $2.5k. Could have had the base sedan for under $16k but that just had no appeal, unless you are looking for the lowest price. I still have a 2003 Infiniti FX-35 and it's tough to go from a bull to a lamb. Have to remember this has half the power. Big difference getting on to highway, etc. From the reviews I've read here I would have liked the WRX or STI but I needed to keep the price under $20k. Good compromise between cost and performance. I looked at the CRV and Rav4 but to get the same equip would put you in the mid-20's; also don't believe the new ones are as dependable as they used to be.

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Sticks to the road with an attitude....

Montana Man, 09/06/2009
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Another great Subie. I have an 08 Outback and a 09 WRX. Fast?....oh yea! Handles like a rally car and goes in the snow. The best of both worlds, along with Subaru's legendary reliability. Getting on the freeway is always exciting, 0 to 100 in a flash...I'm in my sixties now and am loving the exhilaration of having a race bred rocket, with the drive- ability for all weather conditions. A great value from the folks at Subaru. Gas mileage? If that's a concern, buy a Prius. Purchased with the SPT Cat Back exhaust, Short Throw Shifter and Turbo Gauge.Interior Foot-well Lights are a very cool touch.

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Really Great

sjr, 06/24/2010
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This was the first brand new car I've had. Wonderful price, AWD is awesome for nasty winter driving (I feel very safe), and it's easy to get in and out of. Can fit a wheelchair in the back with the seats down and my 99-year-old grandmother can get in and out without problems (most cars are too low). Roomy interior. The interior is nice for the price. Visibility great. Stereo is fine. Hatchback makes loading vehicle very easy. It does dog if you're using the AC, but it seems sturdy and reliable. After a year of mostly in-town driving I love it. Gas mileage leaves a lot to be desired, but worth it for confidence and security AWD gives me in the winter. I'd buy another Subaru after this.

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98% of all Subarus sold in last 10 years....

PG, 08/04/2019
2.5i 4dr Hatchback AWD w/Premium Package (2.5L 4cyl 5M)
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You know the slogan: "98% of all Subarus sold in the last 10 years are still on the road." Well, here's proof. Our 09 Impreza is apparently the worst model year for the make, yet we've had relatively few problems. The only surprise repair (other than a mechanic accidentally breaking something) was injector cover seals needing to be replaced. As a former mechanic, I attribute all this to regular oil changes (with a synthetic), completing scheduled maintenance on time, and no hot hatch redlining at the stoplights. With that, our hatchback has been a reliable comfortable and really practical car up and down the west coast. The car holds a LOT of stuff (we moved a dishwasher once), fits 5 people (4 comfortably) and still gets over 33 mpg on the freeways with all wheel drive. Highly recommend the 5 speed manual all wheel drive system as opposed to the automatic. Less complicated, more reliable, and I think slightly better traction. Car handles amazingly in ice, snow, and rain. Once drove through an oil slick while the cars around me started spinning off into the median/shoulder. No fancy bells or whistle with this model, but it IS a tuners dream. Even non tuner, it's very very easy to find a really nice upgraded stereo. We now have wireless CarPlay and added features (like TPMS readings and engine gauges) thanks to active aftermarket support community. Been a good car, will be sad to see it go.

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A/C stinks

pompus1, 09/01/2009
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Was told by dealer the a/c cycles cold to warm so it won't freeze up! I have owned a lot of cars domestic and import and I never had this problem before. Where I live the summer temps run 95-110 June to October. Because of this I would not recommend or buy another Subaru.

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I've held on to my Subaru even though my engine is

Margaret Campbell, 09/18/2018
Outback Sport 4dr Hatchback AWD (2.5L 4cyl 5M)
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My car all of a sudden just up and started making a terrible engine noise. Been sitting on it a year. #4 cylinder is shot. I'm an older woman and took very good care of this vehicle. Our friend/mechanic was the certified Subaru mechanic for the dealership here where I bought it. Stopped taking it to the dealership when he quit cause then they didn't have a certified Subaru mechanic.

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True Driver's Car

Nick, 12/22/2009
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I've put just over 10K miles on my WRX & I have a smile pasted on my face every time I drive it. It's extremely safe, capable, and fun-to-drive. To enhance performance I added a Cobb downpipe, a (second-hand) SPT exhaust, and a "street" ECU tune from a local Subie tuning guru. I also added slightly thicker sway bars & replaced a few suspension & chassis bushings for a tauter ride (I suggest Whiteline products - they're top-notch). Now the car is nearing it's performance potential, but it still delivers a very comfortable ride on Oklahoma's junky roads. I looked at cars in the same category (turbo & 4-doors), but the AWD & hatchback sealed the deal for me.

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