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This car takes a licking and keeps on ticking!

schanteuzer1, 06/21/2013
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I did not realize 'til I had my "new" 1999 Saturn wagon just how badly this car had been abused. I drove the car home on fumes, it was so low on gas. I checked the oil a few weeks later. It was over 3 quarts low! Then I had a flashback to when I first went to look at the car and the first words out of the previous owner's mouth were "It hasn't been sitting." I drove it around for a bit, liked it and bought it. I seriously don't know why this car continued to run the way it was treated, but I did some regular maintenance things (like an oil change), I've had it for about 5 years now and I have not had to do any major repairs -it still runs great!

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Better than my VOLVO!!!

DrH2Os, 05/13/2002
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The SW2 is tops. It gives me 32 mpg, and my 30,000 mile maintenance intervals cost me only $38 in parts -- I do it myself. Why can't ALL of the car makers put the automatic transmission filter in the engine compartment? Screw the old on eoff, screw a new one on! Neat styling too! I've had many cars, and the only one I've liked more than my Saturn SW2c in my 29 years of driving was my 1972 Volvo 1800ES!

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2nd SW2!

myriadapps, 03/23/2010
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This is my second Saturn SW2, the other was a 2000 that I drove until I decided I needed a new car, and then I regretted it almost every day. I flew down to Florida and bought this one off the Internet with only 32K, now has 76K and I couldn't be happier. Both this one and my previous one, which I bought at 10K and sold at 150K, never failed to start and only needed standard upkeep (tires, brakes, hoses, etc.). I never had to do a major repair on either one. I like the power and the drivability of the SW2. I am sad that after this one I won't be able to get a replacement, the newer Saturns just weren't as good and of course now you can't get them at all.

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Best Car I Have Ever Have

Richard, 12/05/2017
SW2 4dr Wagon
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There is no comparison to another car like the Saturn 1999 Wagon. The car is amazing, from the polimer panels to its superb gas mileage. It's a shame GM stopped manufacturing these cars. The best car GM has ever done and they dropped it. Unbelievable.

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My Milage Did Vary

pjm83, 09/23/2011
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I purchased my Saturn used, with 52k miles, for $4k. Given the price of the car, I didn't demand much from it. I could forgive the uncomfortable seats, the anemic engine, the spartan interior; all I wanted was good gas milage and reliability. I was partially satisfied. A wiring problem killed the headlights at 85k. At 90k, the rear wiper stopped working. The car began burning oil in this time period as well - I was a lot less impressed with the fuel economy when I was routinely adding other fluids to the car. 100k, and the engine mounts loosened, adding more to an already-obnoxious rattling while driving. At 115k, the transmission went kaput. I had expected to drive the car further.

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