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L200-- not for me

notforme, 06/24/2003
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This hasn't been a bad car, but I wouldn't buy another. I have had the speakers in the front doors replaced 4 times. The wind noise was terrible! Saturn tried to tell me that it was normal-- its not normal to have to yell at the person sitting next to you. I have been to two different dealerships, both of which were very good. Thankfully all the work was under warranty. I plan to get rid of it ASAP, I don't want to pay to fix something that I don't want.

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What's behind me?

Matt T, 07/02/2003
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The Wifes car, although I tend to drive it more and more. Responds well to quick maneuvers without being overly stiff. Not going to win any street races with this vehicle but it is suprisingly quick. Gets good mileage. However, the blind spots are huge. Looking in the rearview I am more apt to see more of the trunk then the road and vehicles behind me. Road noise is also a bit much at times. And finally service - Need to move control boxes to change headlights on the Driver side, and propriatary Oil filters.

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Unhappy Saturn owner, to many problems

Roger Morthland, 03/19/2002
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Overall the car is OK, at best. I bought a Saturn becuase of what I was hearing. Which was, "It is one of the best bangs for the buck and very durable!" Well I have to say that I thought the car was pricey, and durable, not mine. I have owned the car for not even a year and I have been to the dealership a dozen times, mostly the same issue coming up over and over again. Leaks of some sort, electrical problems etc... My dealership does not carry ANY parts on hand so I have to keep taking it back for the 2nd and 3rd time so they can fix something that I brought it in on for the 1st time.

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Worth It? Think Twice.

SJ, 03/25/2002
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I have owned my Saturn L300 for fifteen months, and I have never tired of a car so quickly. Before leasing this car, I looked at a myriad of other cars in the same class but by other manufacturers (i.e. Audi, BMW, etc.) but thought that for the money I was getting a fabulous deal on this car. Needless to say, the often anemic V-6 (getting only 182 hp vs the Nissan Maxima which gets closer to 250), less than impressive gas mileage (averaging only 21 mpg), and utter lack of styling, makes me wish that my lease would end as soon as possible. If you don't care about styling or performance, this is the car for you --other drivers -- beware.

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No Way

lizzie, 05/23/2008
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This has been the worst experience I have ever had with a vehicle. Every quarter or more something major has broken. Replaced: Coil, Fuel pump, tie rod, blower motor resistor, pigtails behind the control head, entire exhaust system, and now my heater core.

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