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definate winner

DB, 05/31/2009
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Bought this car in 1999 with 17,000 miles on it. With the exception of an alternator, two head gaskets, many sets of brakes, and a power steering pump my car just turned 275,000 miles and STILL gets 27mpg average. Took a trip last summer and with cruise control I got 30mpg. If only it would last forever.

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Good car

woodaf23, 07/06/2010
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we've had our Cutlass for 7 years now and it has 126,000 miles now. It's been a great car, never left us stranded. Has had regular maintenance, but nothing major, and nothing recurring/problematic. We've put a lot of miles on it and use it pretty much every day and it's been good to us. In the last year or two it had developed some rust along the bottom of the doors, which I'm told is a common problem for the cutlass/malibus. For being a 6 cylinder it has pretty good performance and is fun to drive.

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A Decent Vehicle

Darth Decimatus, 10/08/2009
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I bought my Olds Cutlass at the end of my Sophomore year in College. Its been a decent car and fairly reliable. However, it is seeming to nickel and dime me more and more as time goes on. Since this summer started, the catalytic converter went (at about 62,000 miles), a pulley on the serpentine belt disintergrated due to a bad bearing, the front struts are shot, and now a loud grinding noise seems to be coming from the compressor. In addition, my tapedeck and lights on the radio don't work, and there is also a ton of rattling in the interior that is only getting worse. Overall, age is not this car's ally. It is a decent car, but definitely not constructed to last.

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the real truth

cff, 07/22/2003
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It was a very good, reliable car except for rotor problems until the fourth year. After that it seemed like we had to go to the shop at least once every three months. The oil pump blew up, the engine is making a horrible noise that no one can correct, the "ride" has gotten progressively worse, the leather seats tore up in about two years, and the trade in value is horrible.

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1998 Olds Cutlass (same as the Malibu)

shuge, 12/02/2003
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I bought this in May 2000 with 28k it now has 62k.The problems: Lots of rattles and noise from the interior parts. Alternator went out at 52k miles. Began leaking anti-freeze from around one of the heads at 50k miles. The ABS system went haywire at 60k miles. Handles horribly. Especially in the snow. This car has kind of soured me on GM. It seems like it's held together with bubble-gum and scotch tape. I never drove it very hard, although it is a 8 mile stop and go commute to work. Overall I am very disappointed with the car. Don't know if I got a bad one or if other people have the same problems.

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