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Well-Produced but Check engine problems(light only)

superflykhaeyo, 10/01/2012
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+PROS:Looks GREAT inside/out, FUN TO DRIVE, and i get on the highway and never have to slow down, i floor it and im already caught up to traffic. The FOLD-IN side-mirrors help avoid hit-and-run parking lot drivers. -CONS:The suspension is so/so, the ride is just as harsh as a school bus as far as suspension, and its hard to block the sunlight sometimes, My check Engine light would NOT go off no matter how well the car was running, even after i replace the parts the obd reader told me to because The COIL PACKS&O2sens must be original manufactured, meaning mainly dealer parts but some websites have them at wholesale prices from the factory. OTHERWISE the light wont go off even with no faults

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dreamshot, 07/25/2011
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After driving around my parents cars during my four initial driving years, I felt it was time for my own. After some extensive research, I decided on the Maxima. This car has been nothing but reliable and really fun. It has ample passing power and still turns heads at 11 years old. Can't get enough of it and would recommend it to anyone. Also --- At 6'2'' I do just barely fit....

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Good Performance but

joenoles1, 08/30/2010
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powerful engine and very comfortable ride. There are some common problems with this vehicle namely, brakes due to crappy rotors, ignition coils, MAF and suspension issues. I have over 150k miles and it has been an excellent vehicle.

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10 years of fun and reliability

Maxxed-In, 09/11/2010
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I put 75k miles on my Max in the first 3 years, no probs other than ignition coils. 28k miles in the next SIX years, only prob has been an O2 sensor (front $$$). This Max has simply been EXTREMELY reliable and FUN (I won't say how fun). This was the last Max made in Japan, I can't speak for US made models.

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One of my favorite cars

R. Friedman, 11/16/2015
SE 4dr Sedan
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I purchased it used in 2005 for a decent price with relatively low mileage and all the bells and whistles. I drove it for 10 years with very little mechanical issues, including no issues with the coils that others have written about. I kept up the normal maintenance, used premium gasoline, and made sure to get regular oil changes. I really loved this car, I loved driving it, and was not looking forward to letting it go, but by 10/27/15 I was starting to think of getting a new vehicle as I was getting older and getting in and out of the car was getting more difficult, and putting 42 pound bags of cat litter in and out of the trunk was also becoming taxing. However, some moron in a Dodge Ram Truck took the name of his vehicle too literally, and t-boned my Maxi, totalling her out. Sad end to a very reliable and fun car that I was looking forward to passing on to someone who needed a car.

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