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24 months into owning a 2016 iMiEV
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By Barry L


2016 Mitsubishi i-MiEV ES 4dr Hatchback (electric DD)


iMiEV is a basic modest simple vehicle - what we're used to (we also own a Toyota Yaris). Good for local travel, not long distance, although it does also have the 30 min. fast-charge port, if one wants to try for longer distances using public charging stations. Be aware that frequent fast charges age the battery faster - true for all lithium-battery EV's.
Range: During warmer weather, actual range on local roads is still about 80-85 miles - the battery seems to holding up, no obvious loss of charge-holding capacity. The range-remaining gauge seems accurate, although its calculation is based on the last 15 min. of driving. Highway-speed range is less, about 64 miles - and that's the official EPA range. In hot weather, using the A/C may lop about 10 miles off the range, but often it can be run intermitttently. In colder weather, the range drops. I'll often see 80 miles on the range-remaining gauge in warm weather for off-highway runs, but when the weather drops into the teens, that range drops to about 60. Using the heater would knock this down further. I use a 12V heated travel blanket for winter driving to avoid the range drop, and a warm pair of Uggs or heavy wool socks and looser shoes. Occasionally I resort to the heater if my nose is too cold. I'm beginning to see why some folks install one of those little kerosene or alcohol powered heaters.

In very cold weather, the window defroster is a bit slow. Under some circumstances, defrost is inadequate unless one runs heat and AC.

When the range remaining drops to about 10 miles, the gauge starts to blink as a warning that a battery recharge will be needed soon. Driving the car into a very low battery state triggers a turtle-shaped dash light, and results in somewhat reduced performance to save power. I've driven about 5 miles "on the turtle" one time, I think it was due to the onset of very cold weather reducing my range more than expected. It did get me home however.

As for drivability, highways feel fine at 65-70 mph, but it's a small car, and you'll notice that on a windy day. On local roads, it handles a bit like a go-cart, and is fun to drive. It has good pickup: the motor is directly coupled to the wheels, and the car feels quite zippy. Another plus: the car is QUIET.

"Refueling" - We charge it overnight at 120VAC household, 12A, using the charger that came with it, or a back-up charger (I found a used one from a Nissan Leaf on ebay.) Takes 14 hrs for a completely discharged battery, but usually I'm charged full up quite before that. The car can also be charged at 240VAC (twice as fast) but you need a 240V line and a special charger unit that runs about $500. (Price is steep, and there isn't that much inside these, they are just over-priced. In fact, the 120V chargers can be converted to 240V - people show how on youtube.) I have no 240V line to the outside of my house, and haven't needed faster charging anyway.

I find the front seats comfortable. They are heated, although it's a pretty mild warmth. Front side mirrors also have a heating option for winter.

Biggest negative to my mind is the poor safety rating of the rear seats. Also, the defroster could be more powerful. Lastly, for cold-weather driving, a bigger battery would have been a plus. As a city car, the imiev is perfect. I have some commutes totaling around 60 miles. In very cold weather, I've avoided them by carpooling or taking the Yaris.
Yes, the car's styling looks a bit different. So what?

As far as reliability, so far so good. After 24 months, the battery doesn't seem to have lost any range yet. Everything is working.

Don't forget there's a $7500 federal tax credit (assuming you have taxes to at least that amount.) There was a $2500 Massachusetts electric car credit also. Brand new electric car for $15K. Beat that!

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