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Front Differential Seize Up

moebaz, 03/11/2013
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I was stopped at a red light. When the light turned green and I was moving forward at about 15-20 miles per hour, the car came to a sudden stop. The vehicle behind me almost ran into my back since there were no brake lights illuminated when this unfortunate malfunction took place. I immediately looked the control panel for any malfunction alarm and there were none. The root cause of the problem was front differential seize up without any warning. There were the right amount of oil in the reservoir so the problem was no due to lack of lubrication. The car was repaired by MB dealer and I was given a bill for (hold on to your pants) $8,252. I called MB customer service to find out if there are any recall on this malfunction. I was told none reported. I have a hard time believing that I am the only one with this problem. I almost came to a decision to sign over the title and have them sell the car to recover the repair cost. Obviously the dealer is not at fault here. However you would expect that a car of this caliber would be better designed and supported. As you have guessed I am unhappy with my MB. By the way if you are trying to sign on for MB online owner community and want to choose the username "UNHAPPY", you can't. It is already taken. Try it with some #s.

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Oh Yes,.... The Moosemobile Rides Again!

David D. Johnson, 05/26/2018
S550 4MATIC 4dr Sedan AWD (5.5L 8cyl 7A)
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I'm 73 years old and this 2008 S550 4-MATIC will easily carry me and the missus into the sunset. I trust if you have looked for the big luxurious S class cars, you have seen how the prices have dropped significantly from the ridiculous cost new of $103,000. This is exactly why I've never purchased a Mercedes new. Figure that after you've been able to convince your wife just why paying so much for a new car, you'll have to hide because the price used after three years will be one half the new sticker cost. Through the years, I've owned many S class examples, and by far this '08 example is the best of the bunch. As you know, the huge styling change for the 2007 through 2013 was a good idea and staying away from the first year after a "biggie" brought a vehicle second to none. I'm probably looking at a paint refresh but nothing else in my plans for the car. I trust the car to take me where I need to go, either to our second home near our son and grandkids in Colorado, or my occasional legal consulting trip, (Yes, I still work 30 to 40 hours per week because I truly love my legal work). I actually look forward to driving the car, I know, go figure. I'm now bringing my review up to date on the 2008 S550 4-MATIC, July 5th, 2019. Well, not much to add except the car has about 132,000 as of today's date and so far, (knock on wood), everything is super I so enjoy driving the car because it still gets quite respectable mileage, (23.5 MPG), and is so smooth. The air shocks don't leak and everything continues to work as is should. I did have to replace the driver's side power window assembly, (no surprise there). The engine continues to run flawlessly as does the 7 speed automatic transmission, so here's hoping all will continue the same. The only items I wish were in the car are the fancy safety systems, but those weren't added until the 2014's. I was able to add aftermarket cameras to detect traffic from the right or left sides.

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MB Quality is Back

Review by Owner, 12/01/2007
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After having a couple of MBs with quality issues we are extremely pleased with the rock solid, problem- free S550 we have now had for several months and 3,000 miles. We waited 6 months to get an S with the ABC option but ABC provides such a great combination of ride and handling that it was worth it. COMMAND is very easy to use (I have never opened the manual) and allows for a dash that is free of button clutter (particularly compared to Lexus LS). You can get gas mileage well into the 20's on the highway but it can degrade to below 15 mpg in urban driving. But you feel so great in this vehicle that you hate to have to get out when you reach your destination

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2008 S550 4matic with Distronic plus

Ingo Rademacher, 04/17/2010
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This is my second s class. have owned it for over 2 years and have done 42,000 miles problem free. can't compare ride to any other car that's trying to be in it's class. feels super heavy and planted on the road. 90% FWY drive MPG life average is 20.6 and i see 23-25mpg on my morning drives @77mph. I use Distronic plus (Adaptive cruise control stop-go) 99% of the time. Takes some understanding and becomes easier to use with time. The car drives me to work stress free, all i do is steer. When I come through Malibu canyon late night, i put it in sport mode and use the steering wheel gear shifters. The car turns into a WRX for just long enough ;-) and the engine goes nuts.

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Truly the Best

Barbara, 07/31/2007
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My husband has been a Mercedes-Benz afficianado for decades but I have always bought whatever car I thought looked the best, which has led me to Audi and BMW many times over the years. Those vehicles were very enjoyable to own but were hopelessly unreliable. I just purchased a new car following my husband's advice (he has an S550 himself) and have never been this pleased with a car. The S is so refined and luxurious I can hardly fathom how I lived without it all this time. This truly is the best luxury sedan available today. So far it is completely problem free and it has that bank vault solidity to it, I am so enamored with this car.

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