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My 3rd S-Class, with Lexus as Backup Car

SFPizzaMan, 08/09/2015
S550 4dr Sedan (5.5L 8cyl 7A)
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I have owned three generations of the Mercedes S-Class and like the ads say, this car is like no other. I've driven its smaller Mercedes siblings as loaner cars, but would never consider buying them. There is no comparison. This is the epitome of a flagship sedan for the entire industry. The 'W221' chassis design with the prominent fender arches, in my opinion, is a work of art and the most masculine design Mercedes has ever put on the road. The power surges smooth as it takes you from 0-60 MPH in 5 seconds - that is Porsche territory, but this is a car with four doors! Technology was leading edge at the time it came out, but the navigation system has become outdated compared to today's smartphone apps. The speedometer is a computer generated image and can be swapped for other information. I appreciate the nice features such as ambient lighting along the dash and doors, massaging seats, and automatic door closers. Only minor complaint is that the Harman Kardon stereo sound in the S-Class is not as good as the Mark Levinson in a Lexus and radio reception is not great for a car this expensive. The car is deceptively large so you will need parking sensors and a rear camera to aid with maneuvering shopping mall lots. All that aside, when you own a $100K vehicle, the maintenance doesn't come cheap. The brakes will wear every 10-15K miles and set you back about $400-600 for front or rear sets. The A service oil changes at $150-$250 are every 10K miles, but I did mine every 5K-7K miles. B Service oil changes are more involved and expensive, but you can save some money by changing the cabin filter yourself. Transmission changes must be done every 40K miles at about $600-800 per service. Coolant and brake fluid services are reasonable at about $150 per event. The suspension will wear and begin squeaking or making noises like a bad mattress as it get close to 100K miles. The airmatic suspension will fail at some point and cost you $1000-$1500 per suspension to replace, depending on whether you go OEM or aftermarket. During the times I experienced these issues, I had a very dependable Lexus sedan as a backup. Make sure you have about $2000 a year budgeted for repair and maintenance. For the most part, my S550 ran well until I was told that the car had a blown head gasket and became a prime candidate for a trade in. That was a major disappointment for me considering I had maintained my vehicle like clockwork. Also, the 2007-2008 model S-Classes were also prone to problems with an engine balance shaft issue and many other engine or transmission glitches. In spite of the last engine failure, I feel I got lucky with a fairly trouble free ownership experience. If you are looking for a W221 S-Class, save yourself the hassle and purchase a model year 2009 onward. At this point, I am waiting to buy the new 2014-2015 W222 chassis body style as a certified pre-owned after there is enough reliability information available.

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Issues with Suspension

MBZs550SoCal, 06/05/2007
S550 4dr Sedan (5.5L 8cyl 7A)
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I purchased my 2007 S550 9/06. I have read many posts about front suspension issues. My vehicle starting making noise fron the front wheels. At first it sounded like a squeek and then got worse. Sometimes it goes away, then comes back. The first time I took it in they said it was an issue with a bolt on the suspension they tightened. I was suspicious. I got the car back and sure enough the issue was not resolved. I took it in last week for the same problem. Now, they got the shop forman in the issue and guess what, they are changing the entire front chasis. I have interior ratle noise and humming too.

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Great car

al, 09/23/2006
S550 4dr Sedan (5.5L 8cyl 7A)
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Great car, easy to use. The electronics are vey easy to understand, the controller and dash controls are great. The transmision is terrific, and the fuel consumption on the highway is 24mpg, which is pretty good for a car this size. The only thing that I don't like is the design of the front bumper. The front grille is too close to the edge of the bumper and offers very little front end protection. Be careful where you park this car. Keep clear of SUVs and any vehicle with a wheel mounted on the rear. Mercedes is going to sell a lot of grilles for this car.

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Best Car I have ever owned!

Bret, 11/18/2006
S550 4dr Sedan (5.5L 8cyl 7A)
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Well I must say Mercedes finally came out with an S class I love. I felt the old one was very nice, but rather boxy and plain. I purchased the AMG model and it's a stunning looker! They made great lines on this vehicle. I get looks and compliments everywhere I go, and it's truly the most comfortable car i have owned. They really designed the car well. I just wish they would get away from i-drive like the BMW 7 series which I lemon lawed before I bought the Mercedes. It's just an unecessary feature and they need to go back to conventional controls.

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transmission problem

drs777, 11/21/2011
S550 4dr Sedan (5.5L 8cyl 7A)
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i been around mercedes since 1968 starts with 190D, 300SDL, S420, S500 which is fair and now this S550 is worst in all 22,000 miles the transmission is slipping on me compared to my 2000 S500 besides a rough ride it gave me 99,000 miles before the strut broke, Mercedes should recall this problem i had to restart the ignition to get the transmission going

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