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My experience w/ E320

Stewmeistr, 03/16/2009
E320 4dr Sedan
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I find that finding someone who won't take advantage of you while fixing these cars is a very rare find. My suggestion is to get a code reader and diagnose problems yourself. Goto an online store like Az autohaus to buy parts or ebay and get parts to put on yourself. Most aren't tough, but will save you alot of money. Known problems are air mass sensors($), the ac fan relay. Ours has been relatively inexpensive to own, but I can see how you could get taken with one of these cars. The dealerships will charge big $ for simple problems. Good luck, these cars still drive better than new cars. Made with quality, but some bad parts spoil the bunch. Great mileage though and smooth power.

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Fantastic car

luckysharkey, 02/09/2015
E420 4dr Sedan
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Just bought the car a week ago and I am very happy. Even with 275k miles on it, it still runs like new. 20 years later it still has more style then most cars going down the road. great gas millage as well, for a 90's car.

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One of the Best Cars Ever Owned!

Artmeus, 06/09/2009
E320 4dr Sedan
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I have owned vehicles from Lexus to Cadillac. My Lexus LS400 I put over 30,000 Mi on it with nothing but problems. The Caddy Proved to be a money pit also. So Far I have now owned 3 Mercedes Benz. I had 2 Class 2002 models (leases) for 3 years and had zero problems. I decided several years ago to pay cash for a 1997 e320 sedan 6 cylinder model. I have put over 120,000 mi on this beast and the only problem was to replace the heater sensor 15 bucks. With normal maintenance changing the oil every 3000 mi, It has been a solid car " A Tank." This has to be the most durable and most dependable car ever owned! Annual Maintenance costs are lower than both Lexus Autos I owned. Highly Recommended!

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1997 E300 Last Best Mercedes built

Rob webber, 03/18/2016
E300D 4dr Sedan
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Probably the most underrated diesel out there. 3liter straight 6 Fastest diesel before that cdi/bluetec bullshit (don't buy into those imo) my 1997 E300 NA diesel is fast off the line even for non turbo and is reliable as hell(one less thing to go) Gets 1050km per full tank with shell v power and additive. Big and safe car with side airbags, Esp and abs. The interior is mint and at 220,000km the seats aren't even broken in to lol. What more could you ask for get one before the go up in price which they will cause all the previous diesel benzs sky rocketed in price. OM606 is the best last engine and no maintenance is required, powerful and proven at this point in age. Just look for a rust free one and you can't lose. Finally a cheap costing easy to use high output Mercedes for diesel enthusiasts. W210 for life.

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E420 Review

Gziut, 04/27/2010
E420 4dr Sedan
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I bought this car used, with extra low milage, from an owner in Italy. Although I was never a MB nut, I can see why people love the brand. It is, for a 13 year old car, a step above most cars that are supposedly younger, better etc. and cost the same if not more. While reliability is an issue in the W210's, you can't expect a 13 year old car to be flawless or not experience any mechanical failures from wear and tear. From my research, the W210's are the last of the proper German engineered and assembled MB's (some say the W124's were the last such breed). If you are planning on buying a used W210, especially the E420, take it to an honest MB dealer and get it thoroughly checked. Then enjoy.

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