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A Sports Car Like No Other.

Nawaaz Ismail, 10/14/2010
R3 4dr Coupe (1.3L 2rtr 6M)
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I used to own a RX8 6 years ago. It slipped out of my hands, and now I'm proud to say that I'm back in this car: A 2010 RX8 R3. There's a lot of criticism on this car within the media. Mostly because of its lack of power, poor fuel economy, and higher than normal oil consumption. Not many people understand how good of a sports car it is. It has an extremely rich driving experience. It's one of the lightest and most nimble cars out there, and you can really appreciate that when you start pushing the car. The last 2 cars I've owned before this were clearly more faster & expensive, yet this is the car that I truly connected with. It's hard to explain in words, but this car is irreplaceable.

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We bonded

peter, 11/15/2010
Grand Touring 4dr Coupe (1.3L 2rtr 6M)
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This is a true sports car, the sound is zoom zoom. It handles like a dream, with space for four adults and a trunk. Gas mileage and the fact you need hi test is the only downside. But based on the purchase price compared to the rest out there its worth it

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A nimble athlete

mark, 10/24/2010
Sport 4dr Coupe (1.3L 2rtr 6A)
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This car is more rare and more fun to drive than a mustang gt. The mustang has more horsepower but it is not quite as nimble as the rx8 is and this car is even more agile on winding roads than a corvette.This car is almost like a speed bike in its performance and the way it sounds when it accelerates and really gets going.Its a major fun machine to drive everyday.

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Bill Tolles, 12/29/2009
R3 4dr Coupe (1.3L 2rtr 6M)
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This rotary demon is impressive and fun to drive. Too many people (piston people) DO NOT understand the ROTARY engine. It is powerful, quick, and its super sporty (R3) suspension make it a demon on the roads. Horsepower is NOT a problem IF you know how to drive the RX-8. Not everyone is meant to drive the RX-8. The RX-8 must first pick you and then you and the RX-8 will bond and become one, only then will you truly appreciate the power, handling and excitement of Zoom-Zoom!! Once the union of car & RX-8 have commenced, then you two will be inseparable, and the road your friend. You will fear no curve, nor any Z monster encountered on the highways & biways of your travels. ROTARY forever!

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Best Car for under 30k

dj_jbird, 01/21/2012
Sport 4dr Coupe (1.3L 2rtr 6M)
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bought it just before i left overseas... Have only driven it for 6000 miles and I love it!.. Faster then Mustangs and anything close.. I beat Mazdaspeed 3's and 6's that have 264hp.. Rare as heck. 1000 sold for 2010 and Im the proud owner of one.. Love the windy roads with it, you can hit apex's flawlessly and if your tail slides out a bit you can fix it with one finger on the wheel (Ive done it). The interior is spectacular. I looked at WRX's 350 z's and nothing compares to the Rx8.. Don't drive fast in the rain because it tends to slide... and Snow or Ice forget about it... Rx8's are Summer sports cars that like parking in garage

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